Journal of Porous Media

Volume 16, Number 9






Pore-Scale Simulation of Laminar Flow through a Sample of Aluminum Foam

M. Piller, A. Boschetto, E. Stalio, G. Schena, & O. Errico


Closed-Form Solutions for Unsteady Magnetohydrodynamic Flow in a Porous Medium with Wall Transpiration

M. Abdulhameed, I. Khan, A. Khan ,& S. Shafie


Numerical Investigation of Entropy Generation for Double-Diffusive Convection with Soret Effect in a Square Porous Cavity using Darcy-Brinkman Model

N. Hidouri, A. Mchirgui, M. Magherbi, ,& A. Ben Brahim


Entropy Analysis of Unsteady Magnetic Flow through a Porous Pipe with Buoyancy Effects

T. Chinyoka, O.D. Makinde, & A.S. Eegunjobi


Lattice Boltzmann Method for Modelling Heat and Mass Transfers during Drying of Deformable Porous Medium

H. El Abrach, H. Dhahri, & A. Mhimid


Pyrolysis in Porous Media: Part 2. Numerical Analysis and Comparison to Experiments

N. Gascoin, L. Romagnosi, I. Fedioun, J. Steelant, G. Fau, & M. Bouchez