Journal of Porous Media

Volume 17, Number 1






Transient Behavior of Micropolar Fluids through a Porous Wavy Channel

K.Y. Hung, T.H. Hsu,& J.W. Lin


Mass Transport for Mixed Co-Culture Applications in a Perfusion Bioreactor Partially Filled with a Porous Layer

H.X. Bai, P. Yu, Y. Zeng, S.H. Winoto, & H.T. Low


Nonlinear Thermohaline Magnetoconvection in a Sparsely Packed Porous Medium

A.B. Babu, R. Ravi, & S.G. Tagare


Effects of Permeability on Swimming of a Micro-Organism in an Oldroyd-B Fluid

M. Sajid, N. Ali, A.M. Siddiqui, Z. Abbas, & T. Javed


Hydromagnetic Natural Convection Flow with Radiative Heat Transfer past an Accelerated Moving Vertical Plate with Ramped Temperature through a Porous Medium

G.S. Seth, S.M. Hussain, & S. Sarkar


Influence of Hall Current on Oscillatory Couette Flow in the Presence of an Inclined Magnetic Field through Porous Medium

M. Khan, S. Saeed, C. Fetecau, & M. Azram