Journal of Porous Media

Volume 17, Number 12






A Comprehensive Analysis of the Seepage Characters of Non-Newtonian Fluids in Fractal Porous Media

S. Zhang, Y. Sun, X. Wu, T. Miao, H. Gao, F. Song, & B. Yu


Existence of a Characteristic Temperature in the Case of Adsorption on Activated Carbon

M. Foued & A. Jemni


Slip Velocity Effects on Convection from a Vertical Surface Embedded in a Porous Medium

H.M. Duwairi & V.M. Al-Khliefat


Theoretical and Numerical Analyses on the Onset and Growth of Convective Instabilities in a Horizontal Anisotropic Porous Medium

D. Yadav & M.C. Kim


Numerical Solution of Fluid Flow and Conjugate Heat Transfer in a Channel Filled with Fibrous Porous Media - A Lattice Boltzmann Method Approach

A. Salehi, A. Abbassi, & M. Nazari


A New Mathematical Model for the Solvent Chamber Evolution in the Vapor Extraction Process

X. Jia, F. Zeng, & Y. Gu


Conjugate Heat Transfer in Porous Annulus

A.N.J. Salman, S. Kamangar, I.A. Badruddin, A.A.A.A. Al-Rashed, G.A. Quadir, H.M.T. Khaleed, & T.M.Y. Khan