Journal of Porous Media

Volume 17, Number 4






Mathematical Model and Analytical Solutions for Unsteady Flow in Natural Gas Reservoirs

B. Ju


Flow of Immiscible Micropolar Fluids between Two Porous Beds

J.V.R. Murthy, J. Srinivas, & K.S. Sai


Geomechanics of Thermal Oil Production from Carbonate Reservoirs

A. Shafiei & M.B. Dusseault


Experimental Characterization of Thermal Dispersion in Fibrous Porous Media

H. Yang, P. Simacek, & S.G. Advani


Non-Darcian and Anisotropic Effects on the Conjugate Heat Transfer in a Porous Enclosure with Finite Thickness Walls

S.E. Ahmed & A.M. Aly


Study on Temperature Measurement in Water-Saturated Porous Media using MRI

L. Jiang, M. Yu, Y. Song, Y. Liu, M. Yang, X. Zhou, Y. Zhao, B. Dou, B. Wu, Z. Xue, & W.Z. Li


Numerical Simulations of Reversible Reactive Flows in Homogeneous Porous Media

H. Alhumade & J. Azaiez