Journal of Porous Media

Volume 17, Number 7






Natural Convection in a Partially Open-Ended Porous Square Cavity

H. Saleh, A. Fudholi, & I. Hashim


Membrane Transport in Concentration Polarization Conditions: Network Thermodynamics Model Equations

K.M. Batko, I. Slezak-Prochazka, S. Grzegorczyn, & A. Slezak


A Predictive Bubble Point Pressure Model for Porous Liquid Acquisition Device Screens

J. Hartwig & J.A. Mann Jr.


Computational Study of Non-Newtonian Thermal Convection from a Vertical Porous Plate in a Non-Darcy Porous Medium with Biot Number Effects

V.R. Prasad, S.A. Gaffar, E.K. Reddy, & O.A. Beg


Soret and Dufour Effects on Double Diffusive Convective Flow through a Non-Darcy Porous Medium in a Cylindrical Annular Region in the Presence of Heat Sources

B. Mallikarjuna, A.J. Chamkha, & R.B. Vijaya


Numerical Analysis of a Nanofluid Forced Convection in a Porous Channel: A New Heat Flux Model in LTNE Condition

T. Armaghani, A.J. Chamkha, M.J. Maghrebi, & M. Nazari


Transient Natural Convection Flow in a Rectangular Cavity Filled with a Porous Material with Localized Heating from below and Thermal Stratification

M. Kumari & G. Nath