Journal of Porous Media

Volume 18, Number 11






Investigation of Supersonic Transpiration Cooling through Sintered Metal Porous Flat Plates

K. Z. Huang, Y.-H. Zhu, Y.-B. Xiong, & P.-X. Jiang


Numerical Simulation of Thermomagnetic Convection of Air in a Porous Cubic Enclosure with an Electric Coil Inclined in General Orientations using a LTNE Model

P. C. Jiang, E. Shi, X. Zhu, & N. Xie


Capturing Analytically the Transition to Weak Turbulence and its Control in Porous Media Convection

P. P. Vadasz


Numerical Treatment and Global Error Estimation of Natural Convective Effects on Gliding Motion of Bacteria on a Power-Law Nanoslime through a Non-Darcy Porous Medium

P. M.Y. Abou-zeid, A.A. Shaaban, & M.Y. Alnour


Simulation of the Experimental Results of Miscible Gravity Drainage Performance in a Stack of Matrix Blocks

P. K. Zobeidi, M.R. Rasaei, & M.R. Fassihi


Pressure Distribution Measurements for CO2 Foam Flow in Porous Media

P. D. Du, S. Sun, N. Zhang, W. Lv, D. Wang, & Y. Li


Relative Permeabilities Characterization in Chemical Flooding with the Consideration of Viscosity Ratio and Interfacial Tension by a Pore-Scale Network Model

P. Q. Liu, & P. Shen


A Dynamic Discrete Fracture Approach for Modeling Multiphase Flow and Transport in Fractured Porous Media

P. Z. Lei, Y. Liu, C. Tian, H. Tang, T. Wang, & X. Zhang


A Volume-Averaging Approach for Analyzing a Spiral-Wound Reverse Osmosis Desalination Module

P. Y. Sano, A. Horibe, N. Haruki, & A. Nakayama


Concentration of Bioethanol and Dehydration of Organic Solvents by Porous Membranes

P. T. Uragami, S. Horiguchi, & T. Miyata