Journal of Porous Media

Volume 18, Number 2






Analysis of Some Magnetohydrodynamic Flows of Third-Order Fluid Saturating Porous Space

R. Ellahi, E. Shivanian, E. Abbasbandy& T. Hayat


Investigation of Three-Phase Relative Permeabilities for Heavy Oil Systems using Simulated Annealing Technique; Effect of Oil Viscosity

F. Torabi, M. Akhlaghinia,& C.W. Chan


Solutions for Countercurrent Spontaneous Imbibition as Derived by Means of a Similarity Approach

R. Arabjamaloei, D. W. Ruth, G. Mason, & N.R. Morrow


Local Thermal Non-Equilibrium and Heterogeneity Effects on the Onset of Convection in a Layered Porous Medium with Vertical Throughflow

D. A. Nield, & A.V. Kuznetsov


Petrophysical and Microstructural Evaluation of the Thermal Cycle Loading Effect on Geothermal Wellbore Cements

K. S. Bello, & M. Radonjic


Modeling of Multistep Drainage Process using the Extended Interactive Tube-Bundle Model

S. Wang, & M. Dong


Instability of Poiseuille Flow in a Channel Filled with Multilayer Porous Media

C. Dai, Q. Li, & H. Lei