Journal of Porous Media

Volume 18, Number 3






Capillary Forces between Two Parallel Plates Connected by a Liquid Bridge

M. Dejam, H. Hassanzadeh, & Z. Chen


A Model for Low Salinity Flooding Experiments: Dissolution and Ion Exchange

A. V. Omekeh, H.A. Friis, S. Evje, & I. Fjelde


Effect of Thermal Radiation on Flow, Heat, and Mass Transfer of a Nanofluid over a Stretching Horizontal Cylinder Embedded in a Porous Medium with Suction/Injection

E. M. A. Elbashbeshy, T.G. Emam, M.S. El-Azab, & K.M. Abdelgaber


Simulation of Open Microcellular Carbon Foams: Periodic and Aperiodic Structures

S. Austin, D. Stephens, K.K. Walsh, C.A. Moore, G.D. Wesson, J. Njuguna & R.Paul


Mathematical Correlation of Test Methods for Measuring Water-Vapor Transmission through Fabrics

T-C. Codau, E. Onofrei, S. Petrusic, G. Bedek, & D.Soulat


Numerical Study of Reciprocal Flow Porous Media Burners Coupled with Thermoelectric Generation

L. Henríquez-Vargas, J. Loyola, D. Sanhueza, & P.Donoso