Journal of Porous Media

Volume 18, Number 5






Dependence of the Dispersion Transition on the Parameters of Disordered Nanoporous Mediums

V.A. Byrkin


Examination of the Particle Shape’s Effect on Interparticle Stress and Volume of Water Content in Unsaturated Soil

M.H. Jahangir


Computational Study of Fluid Flow through an Idealized Fracture under Confining Stresses

A. Roman & G.Ahmadi


Pore, Throat, and Grain Detection for Rock SEM Images Using Digital Watershed Image Segmentation Algorithm

A. Tavanaei & S.Salehi


Experimental Study on Foamed Gel Flow in Porous Media

S. Li, Z. Li & B.Li


Simulation of Fluid Flow and Heat Transport Coupled Processes using FAHET Software

I. Alhama, M. Cánovas & F.Alhama


Fully Developed Flows of Two Immiscible Couple Stress and Newtonian Fluids through Nonporous and Porous Medium in a Horizontal Cylinder

M. Devakar & N.Ch.Ramgopal