Journal of Porous Media

Volume 18, Number 7






Analytical Investigation for Free Convective Flow of Non-Newtonian Nanofluids Flow in Porous Media with Gyrotactic Microorganisms

K. F. Mabood, W.A. Khan, & A.I.Md. Ismail


Multiple Slip Effects on Unsteady MHD Rear Stagnation Point Flow of Nanofluids in a Darcian Porous Medium

P. W.A. Khan, M.J. Uddin, & A.I.Md. Ismail


Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer through an Annular Sector Duct Filled with Porous Media

P. M. Iqbal,& H. Afaq


Radial Voidage Variation in Packed Beds of Uniformly Sized Spheres: Theory and Experiment

P. Y.-B. Lu, & G.-H. Tang


Conjugate Natural Convection in a Differentially Heated Composite Enclosure Filled with a Nanofluid

P. M.A. Ismael, & A.J. Chamkha


Estimating the Unsaturated Soil Hydraulic Properties from a Redistribution Experiment: Application to Synthetic Data

P. M. Nakhaei, & V. Amiri


A Mathematical Model for Thermal Flooding with Equal Rock and Fluid Temperatures

P. M.E. Hossain, S.A. Abu-Khamsin, & A.-A. Al-Helali