Journal of Porous Media

Volume 19, Number 10


Electric Power Generation from Combustion in Porous Media

V. Bubnovich, P. San Martín, L. Henríquez-Vargas, N. Orlovskaya, & H.A. González-Rojas


Irreversibility Analysis in Mixed Convection Flow in a Porous Channel with Viscous Dissipation

A. Tayari, R. Bouadba, & M. Magherbi


Triple Diffusive Convection in a Maxwell Fluid Saturated Porous Layer: Darcy-Brinkman-Maxwell Model

J. Prakash, K. Kumari, & R. Kumar


Comparison Study of Different Viscous Dissipation Effects on Forced Convection Heat Transfer in a Power Law Fluid Saturated Porous Medium

X. Tian, P. Wang, S. Xu, & X. Wu


Slip Velocity and Temperature Jump Effects on Convection from a Vertical Surface Embedded in Saturated Porous Media

H.M. Duwairi & V.M. Al-Khliefat


Unsteady Mixed Convection Flow over a Vertical Plate in a Porous Medium with Non-Uniform Slot Suction/Injection

N. Samyuktha, R. Ravindran, & M. Ganapathirao