Journal of Porous Media

Volume 19, Number 11


Experimental and Computational Calculation of Longitudinal Specific Air Permeability in Populus deltoides and Populus euroamericana Wood

H.R. Taghiyari, A. Rahbari, S. Homayoonfar, & J. Kadkhodapour


Numerical Study of Porous Media Turbulent Combustion in a Recuperative Reactor

P. Donoso-García & L. Henríquez-Vargas


Analysis of Time-Dependent Behavior of Coupled Flow and Deformation due to a Point Sink within a Finite Rectangular Fluid-Saturated Poroelastic Medium

P. Li, K. Wang, & D. Lu


Application of a New Analytical Method for the Richards’ Equation, Based on the Brooks and Corey Model

J. Manafian, M. Lakestani, & A. Bekir


Applications of Porous Materials and Nanoparticles in Improving Solar Desalination Systems

E. Bani-Hani, C. Borgford, & K. Khanafer


Sequentially Coupled Model for Multiphase Flow, Mean Stress, and Reactive Solute Transport with Kinetic Chemical Reactions: Applications in CO2 Geological Sequestration

R. Zhang & Y-S. Wu