Journal of Porous Media

Volume 19, Number 12


Experimental Investigation of Natural Convection from Porous Blocks in a Cavity

A. Dogan, O. Ozbalci, & I. Atmaca


Non-Darcy Effects on Three-Dimensional Natural Convection in a Rectangular Box Containing a Heat-Generating Porous Medium

A.K. Mishra, S. Kumar, & R.V. Sharma


Evaporation of Falling Liquid Film on a Vertical Channel Covered with a Thin Porous Layer

A. Nasr & A.S. Al-Ghamdi


Characterization of Gas/Gas Condensate Reservoirs by Deconvolution of Multirate Well Test Data

B. Vaferi & R. Eslamloueyan


Effect of Quadratic Density Variation on Mixed Convection Stagnation Point Heat Transfer and MHD Fluid Flow in Porous Medium towards a Permeable Shrinking Sheet

R. Kumar & S. Sood


Numerical Study of Phase Change Characteristics in a Vertical and Inclined Porous Channel using Thermal Nonequilibrium Model

M.A. Nima