Journal of Porous Media

Volume 19, Number 4






Effect of Variable Gravity on Linear and Nonlinear Stability of Double Diffusive Hadley Flow in Porous Media

A. Matta & P.A.L. Narayana


Effect of Throughflow on Double Diffusive Convection in a Porous Medium with Concentration Based Internal Heat Source

N. Deepika, A. Matta, & P.A.L. Narayana


Thermal Radiation Effects on Non-Newtonian Fluid in a Variable Porosity Regime with Partial Slip

A.S. Rao, V.R. Prasad, K. Harshavalli, & O.A. Bég


Steady Double-Diffusive Mixed Convection Boundary Layer Flow Past a Vertical Flat Plate Embedded in a Porous Medium Filled by a Nanofluid using Buongiorno’s Model

M.H.M. Yasin, A. Ishak, & I. Pop


Dispersion of a Nonwetting Liquid in a Disordered Nanoporous Medium

V. Borman, A. Belogorlov, A. Grekhov, & V. Tronin


Mixed Convection Heat Transfer in a Ventilated Enclosure with and without a Saturated Porous Medium

A.A. Mohammed & A.S. Dawood


Computational Screening of Zeolitic Materials for CO2 and H2S Separation

F.A. Lagos, R. Hernández-Bravo, R. Cuamatzi-Meléndez, & M. Salazar