Journal of Porous Media

Volume 19, Number 6






Mixed Convection and Entropy Generation in a Porous Deep Cavity: Effect of Uniform and Nonuniform Heated Walls

A. Chattopadhyay & S.K. Pandit


Numerical Computation of Macroscopic Turbulent Quantities in a Porous Medium: An Extension to a Macroscopic Turbulence Model

N.F. Jouybari, T.S. Lundström, J.G.I. Hellström, M. Maerefat, & M.E. Nimvari


CFD Simulation of Transport Phenomena in Wastewater Treatment via Vacuum Membrane Distillation

H. Soltani, R. Pelalak, Z. Heidari, M. Ghadiri, & Saeed Shirazian


Liquid Flow through Sands: Reliability of Tortuosity Measured from Electrical Conductivity and the Importance of Evaluating Effective Porosity

A. Montillet, A.O.A. Khalifa, & N.-E. Sabiri


Finite Analytic Method for 2D Fluid Flow in Porous Media with Permeability in Tensor Form

Zhi-Fan Liu, Zhi-Feng Liu, & X.-H. Wang


Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer Membranes for Hemodialysis

Z. Jahan & A. Hussain