Journal of Porous Media

Volume 19, Number 9


Axisymmetric and Asymmetric Instabilities of a Non-Newtonian Liquid Jet Moving in an Inviscid Streaming Gas through Porous Media

M.F. El-Sayed, G.M. Moatimid, F.M.F. Elsabaa, & M.F.E. Amer


Impact of Post-Processing Methods on Accuracy of Darcian and Forchheimer Permeabilities Determination

E. El Tabach, N. Gascoin, M. Bouchez, & G. Fau


Natural Convection of Heat Transfer for Nanofluid in a Partially Open Cavity with Internal Heat Generation: Non-Darcy Effect

N. Nithyadevi & M. Rajarathinam


Entropy Analysis of Thermally Radiating Magnetohydrodynamic Slip Flow of Casson Fluid in a Microchannel Filled with Saturated Porous Media

O.D. Makinde & A.S. Eegunjobi


Validity of Parametric Restrictions to the Modified Buckley-Leverett Equations

G. de Moraes, R. de S. Teixeira, & L.S. de B. Alves


Combined Effect of Heat and Mass Transfer in MHD Flow of a Nanofluid between Expanding/Contracting Walls of a Porous Channel

M.F. Iqbal, S. Ahmad, K. Ali, & M. Ashraf