Journal of Porous Media

Volume 1, Number 1

Capillary Effects and Multiphase Flow in Porous Media
F.A.L. Dullien

Heat Transfer at the Boundary Between a Porous Medium and a Homogeneous Fluid: The One-
Equation Model

J.A. Ochoa-Tapia and S. Whitaker

Numerical Modeling of Turbulent Flow in Porous Media Using a Spatially Periodic Array
F. Kuwahara, Y. Kameyama, S. Yamashita, and A. Nakayama

Convection Induced by Inclined Gradients in a Shallow Porous Medium Layer
J.L. Lage and D.A. Nield

Review of Porous Media Enhanced Vapor-Phase Diffusion Mechanisms, Models, and Data-Does
Enhanced Vapor-Phase Diffusion Exist?

C.K. Ho and S.W. Webb

Experimental Evidence for Permeability Minima at Low-Velocity Gas Flow Through Naturally
Formed Porous Media

R. Meyer and F.F. Krause

Onset of a Double-Diffusive Convective Regime in a Rectangular Porous Cavity
M.-C. Charrier-Mojtabi, M. Karimi-Fard, M. Azaiez, and A. Mojtabi