Journal of Porous Media

Volume 1, Number 2

Acceleration of Mass Transfer in Macroporous Catalysts
J.C. Van den Heuvel, I. Portegies Zwart, and S.P.P. Ottengraf

Forced Convection Boiling Inside a Duct Filled with a Sintered Fibrous Medium
M. Miscevic, L. Tadrist, J. Pantaloni, and R. Yu

Numerical Study of Non-Darcy Forced Convection in a Packed Bed Saturated with a Power-Law

G. Chen and H.A. Hadim

Analytical and Experimental Study of Drying Process in a Porous Medium with a Nonpenetrating
Heating Surface

S. Lin, J.T. Chao, T.F. Chen, and D.K. Chen

Aquifer-Well Thermal and Fluid Dynamic Model to Design a Downhole Heat Exchanger
G. Buonanno, A. Carotenuto, C. Casarosa, and L. Martorano

Effects of Local Thermal Nonequilibrium in Steady Convective Processes in a Saturated Porous
Medium: Forced Convection in a Channel

D.A. Nield

Gas-Phase Diffusion in Porous Media-Evaluation of an Advective-Dispersive Formulation and the
Dusty-Gas Model for Binary Mixtures

S.W. Webb