Journal of Porous Media

Volume 20, Number 1


Heat and Mass Transfer Characteristics of Al2O3–Water and Ag–Water Nanofluid through Porous Media over a Vertical Cone with Heat Generation/Absorption

P.S. Reddy & A.J. Chamkha


Numerical Simulation of Heat and Mass Transfer in Humidifiers and Cooling Towers

L. Zili-Ghedira, H. Gouider, & S.B. Nasrallah


Numerical Representative Elementary Volume Generation of a Simplified Cement Paste and Estimation of its Diffusivity and Comparison with Dedicated Experiments

N. Seigneur, E. L’Hôpital, A. Dauzéres, M. Voutilainen, V. Detilleux, P.E. Labeau, & A. Dubus


Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation and Experimental Studies of Pure Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys during Gasar Process

O. Komissarchuk, M. Diop, H. Hao, X. Zhang, V. Karpov, & M. Fafard


Determination of Convection-Dispersion-Mass Transfer Parameters in Porous Media Flows using Computed Tomography

J.A. Vidal Vargas & O.V. Trevisan


A Numerical Study on Mixed Convection of Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow in Porous Channel with Aiding and Opposing Natural Convection Effects

S. Baheri Islami, M.A. Khoddam Tabrizi, & R. Gharraei