Journal of Porous Media

Volume 20, Number 2


Blade-Coating Analysis of a Second-Grade Fluid with a Porous Plate

S. Bhatti, M.A. Rana, A.M. Siddiqui, M. Zahid, & H.A. Wahab


Double-Diffusive Natural Convection in a Non-Darcy Porous Cavity Filled with Nanofluid under the Effects of Chemical Reaction

A.M. Aly


A Tool to Predict Water Absorption in Porous Building Materials

A.S. Guimar„es, I.M. Ribeiro, & V.P. de Freitas


Evolving Pore Structures of Lignite during Pyrolysis Observed by Computed Tomography

Y. Zhao, Q. Meng, Zengchao Feng, Zijun Feng, D. Yang, & Y. Zhang


Fracturing Fluid Leakoff Behavior in Natural Fractures: Effects of Fluid Rheology, Natural Fracture Deformability, and Hydraulic Fracture Propagation

Y. Liu, J. Guo, & Z. Chen


Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Heat Transfer Enhancement in an Asymmetrically Heated Channel Filled with Random Porous Media

M. Abbaszadeh, A. Salehi, & A. Abbassi