Journal of Porous Media

Volume 20, Number 3


Improvement of Water Displacement Efficiency in Sandstone Reservoirs using Buffered Sodium Silicate

H.A.A. Amiri


Physical and Analytical Modeling of Internal Erosion of Fine Particles in Cohesionless Soils

A. Benamar & A. Seghir


A Humidity Sensor Based on MgO-MCM-41 Nanoporous Silica

M. Anbia, M. Neyzehdar, & R. Dehghan


Heat Transfer and Entropy Generation in Porous Microduct with Slip Boundary Condition using Lattice Boltzmann Method under Nonequilibrium Conditions

R. Rabhi, B. Amami, H. Dhahri, & A. Mhimid


Slip Effects in the Hydromagnetic Flow of a Viscoelastic Fluid through Porous Medium over a Porous Oscillatory Stretching Sheet

N. Ali, S.U. Khan, M. Sajid, & Z. Abbas


Modification to Darcy-Forchheimer Model due to Pressure-Dependent Viscosity: Consequences and Numerical Solutions

J. Chang, K.B. Nakshatrala, & J.N. Reddy