Volume 2, Number 2, 1999


Downslope Movement of Compositionally Driven Gravity Flows over Porous Surfaces
T.B. Moodie and J.P. Pascal

Water Alternating Gas Injection: Loaboratory Measurement and Comparison
with Analytical Calculation

C. Cunha, E.J. Bonet, and A.C. Correa

Numerical Predictions of Porous Burners with Integrated Heat Exchanger
for Household Applications

I. Malico and J.C.F. Pereira

A Model of Colmatation-Suffosion Filtration
B. Kh. Khuzhayorov

A Study of Gas-Liquid-Liquid Systems in a Gas-Agitated Extractor with Static Mixer
Xiaoguang Ren, Yongji Song, and Changhou Liu

Fully Developed Free Convection in Open-Ended Vertical Channels Partially Filled
with Porous Material

M.A. Al-Nimr and O.M. Haddad

Flow Modeling in Fabric Filters
Antonio C. Caputo and Pacfico M. Pelagagge