Journal of Porous Media

Volume 3, Number 1

A Comparison of Thermal Performances of Underground Power Cables in Dry and Saturated Soils
G. Buonanno and A. Carotenuto

Double-Diffusive Convection in Slender Anisotropic Porous Enclosures
P. Bera, V. Eswaran, and P. Singh

Vertical Free Convective Boundary-Layer Flow in a Porous Medium Using a Thermal Nonequilibrium Model
D.A.S. Rees and I. Pop

Basic Fluid Flow Problems in Porous Media
M. A. Al-Nimr and M. K. Alkam

Oscillatory Motion of a Viscoelastic Fluid over a Stretching Sheet in Porous Media
K. V. Prasad, M. Subhas Abel, and Ambuja Joshi

Thermofluid Analysis of Entrance Section of a Continuous Pressure Infiltration Process for Fiber-Metal Matrix Composites
U. Narusawa and J. T. Blucher

Natural Convection in Tilted Porous Enclosures in the Presence of a Transverse Magnetic Field
K. M. Khanafer, N. M. Al-Najem, and M. M. El-Refaee

Technical Note: Boundary Layer Flow of a Micropolar Fluid Through a Porous Medium
A. Raptis