Journal of Porous Media

Volume 3, Number 3

Adrian Bejan

Measurement of Velocity and Temperature Distributions in a Highly Porous Medium
Masaaki Okuyama and Yutaka Abe

Thermal Instability in an Inclined Isotropic Porous Medium
Sherin M. Alex and Prabhamani R. Patil

Cross-Flow Microfiltration of Oily Emulsion Using Alumina Membranes
Weidong Zhu, Changrong Xia, Shuqin Lin, and Guangyao Meng

Free Convection from a Horizontal Surface in a Porous Medium with Newtonian Heating
D. Lesnic, D.B. Ingham, and I. Pop

Effective Conductivity for Porous Media: A Maxwellian Approach
Rogerio E. Martínez-Gómez and Alberto Soria

Forced Convection in a Couette Flow in a Composite Duct: An Analysis of Thermal Dispersion and Non-Darcian Effects
Ming Xiong and A.V. Kuznetsov

Technical Note: Hydromagnetic Coupled Heat and Mass Transfer by Natural Convection from a Permeable Constant Heat Flux Surface in Porous Media
Ali J. Chamkha and Abdul-Rahim A. Khaled

Technical Note: Radiative and Thermal Dispersion Effects on Non-Darcy Natural Convection
A.J. Mansour and Rama Sulbba Reddy Gorla

Book Review: Transport Phenomena in Porous Media, edited by D.B. Ingham and I. Pop
Marcelo J.S. de Lemos