Journal of Porous Media

Volume 5, Number 1

The importance of Capillary Forces in Waterflooding:
An examination of the Buckley-Leverett Frontal Displacement Theory

F. A. L. Dullien and M. Dong

Multilayer Three-Node Model of convective Transport Within Cotton Fibrous Medium
Kamel Ghali, Nesreen Ghaddar, and Byron Jones

Examination of the Thermal Equilibrium Assumption in Periodic Forced Convection in a Porous Channel
A.A. Al-Nimr and S. Kiwan

Non-Darcy Forced Convective Heat Transfer in a Viscoelastic Fluid Flow Over a Nonisothermal Stretching Sheet
K.V. Prasad, M. Subhas Abdel, Sujit Kumar Khan, and P. S. Datti

Evaluation of Steady Flow Through a Six-Lobe Sand Cartridge Filter by the Boundary Perturbation Method
H. R. Patel, S. I. Hariharan, and G. G. Chase

Heat and Mass Transfer by Natural Convection from a Vertical Surface to the Stratified Darcian Fluid
V. J. Bansod, P. Singh, And B. V. Rathishkumar