Journal of Porous Media

Volume 5 Number 4


Convective Boiling Phenomena in a sintered Fibrous Channel: Study of Thermal Non-Equilibrium Behavior

Marc Miscevic, Frèderic Topin, and Lounè Tadrist


Estimation of Thermal Moisture Diffusivity from Liquid Redistribution Measurements

S.K. Saiful Islam, N.E. Wijeysundera, S.K. Chou, and K. Srinivasan


Combined Method of Hydrocarbon Conversion in a Tubular Reactor with a Catalyzing Box, and Its Mathematical Model

Abdunmumin Sharifov


Measurement of Diffusivity of Water in Cork

S.K. Saiful Islam, N.E. Wijeysundera, and S.K. Chou


Implications of Alternative Macrosopic Describtions Illustrated by General Balance and Continuity Equations

Faruk Civan