Journal of Porous Media

Volume 7, Number 3



Asperity-Induced Episodic Percolation in Channels and Fractures

Clifford K. Ho


Fluid Intake Cavities in Stratified Porous Media

A.P.S. Selvadurai

Application of a Simple Space-Time Averaged Porous Media Model to Flow in Densely Vegetated Channels
Marc R. Hoffmann


Multitridiagonal-Matrix Algorithm for Coupled Heat Transfer in Porous Media: Stability Analysis and Computational Performance

Nathan Mendes and Paulo C. Philippi


Modeling the Decontamination by Electromigration of a Porous Medium

F. Frizon, S. Lorente, J.P. Ollivier, and P. Thouvenot

Finite-Amplitude Analysis of Convection in Rotating Mushy Layers for Small Variations in Retardability
Saneshan Govender

Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer around Circular Cylinders in the Presence and No-Presence of Porous Media
Mohammed Layeghi and Ali Nouri-Borujerdi