Journal of Porous Media

Volume 7, Number 4



Free Convection in a Shallow Annular Cavity Filled with a Porous Medium

D.M. Leppinen, I. Pop, D.A.S. Rees, and L. Storesletten


Free Convection in a Thermally Stratified Non-Darcian Wavy Porous Enclosure

B.V. Rathish Kumar and Shalini

Development of Boundary Layers in Transient Buoyant Convection about a Vertical Plate in a Porous Media
K.H. Kim, S. J. Kim and J.M.Hyun


Double-Diffusive Natural Convection Induced by a Wavy Surface in a Stratified Porous Medium

B.V. Rathish Kumar and Shalini


Convection and Dispersion in a Naturally Fractured Reservoir

E. Luna, A. Medina, C. Perez-Rosales, and C. Trevino

The Soret Coefficient in Porous Media
J.K. Platten and P. Costeseque

Non-Darcy Free Convection from a Vertical Plate with Time-Periodic Surface Temperature Oscillations
M.F. El-Amin