Journal of Porous Media

Volume 8, Number 1



Numerical Study of the Effects of Geometric Dimensions on Liquid-Vapor Phase Change and Free Convection in

a Rectangular Porous Cavity

M. Najjari, and S.B. Nasrallah


Numerical Solution of Turbulent Channel Flow Past a Backward-Facing Step with a Porous Insert Using Linear and Nonlinear κ-ε Models  

M. Assato, M.H.J. Pedras, and M.J.S. de Lemos

Experimental Study of Non-Fourier Thermal Response in Porous Media
A.G.A. Nnanna, A.Haji-Sheikh, and K.T. Harris


Effect of Fouling on Stability of Bioconvection of Gyrotactic Microorganisms in a Porous Medium

A.V. Kuznetsov and A.A. Avramenko


Natural Convection from a Discrete Heater in a Square Cavity Filled with a Porous Medium

N.H. Saeid, and I. Pop

Laminar Natural Convection Heat and Mass Transfer from a Horizontal Surface in Non-Darcy Porous Media
V.J. Bansod, P. Singh, and B.V. Rathishkumar


Uniform Lateral Mass Flux on Natural-Convection Flow over a Vertical Cone Embedded in a Porous Medium Saturated with a Non-Newtonian Fluid

M. Kumari, and S. Jayanthi


Validity of the Local Thermal Equilibrium Assumption in Natural Convection from a Vertical Plate Embedded in a Porous Medium

O.M. Haddad, M.A. Al-Nimr and A.N. Al-Khateeb