Journal of Porous Media

Volume 8, Number 2



Hot-Wire Method for Measuring Effective Thermal Conductivity of Porous Media

L. Sassi, F. Mzali, A. Jemni, and S.B. Nasrallah


Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Channeling Effect in Fluid Flow through Porous Media

M.R. Shahnazari, and M. Zia Bashar Hagh

Analytical Sloutions and Estimates for Microlevel Flows
F.G. Avkhadiev and A.R. Kacimov


Natural Convection in Nonhomogeneous Heat-Generating Media: Comparison of Continuum and Porous-Continuum Models

A.A. Merrikh, J.L. Lage,  and A.A. Mohamad


Transient Forced Convection in an Isothermal Fluid-Saturated Porous-Medium Layer: Effective Permeability and Boundary Layer Thickness 

A.F. Miguel and A.H. Reis

Radon-222 Exhalation Rates from Phosphogypsum-Bearing Embankment Subjected to Constant Temperature and Fixed Activity Concentration
J.A. Rabi and A.A. Mohamad


Flow through a Tube with an Annular Porous Medium Layer

J.H. Masliyah, A. Afacan, and S. Liu


Groundwater Parameter Estimation by Optimization and Dual Reciprocity Finite Differences Method

H. Karahan, and M. T. Ayvaz


Mixed-Convection Flow Adjacent to a Horizontal Surface in a Porous Medium with Variable Permeability and Surface Heat Flux

I.A. Hassanien, and Gh.M. Omer


Effect of Variable Permeability and Viscous Dissipation on a Non-Darcy Natural-Convection Regime with Thermal Dispersion

I.A. Hassanien, F.S. Ibrahim, and Gh.M. Omer