Journal of Porous Media

Volume 8, Number 3



Two-Phase Flow Experiments in a Geocentrifuge and the Significance of Dynamic Capillary

O.Oung, S.M Hassanizadeh, and A. Bezuijen


Role of Sorption Isotherms in the Analysis of Coupled Heat and Mass Fluxes in Porous Media

A.H. Reis and R. Rosa

Effects of the Darcy-Prandtl Number on the Linear Stability of Stationary Convection in Rotating Mushy Layers
Y. Maharaj and S. Govender


Role of Flow Enhancement Network during Filling of Fibrous Porous Media

A B. Markicevic, D. Litchfield, D.Heider, and S.G. Advani


Modeling the Loading Stage Coalescence Process in Fibrous Media

G. Vasudevan, S.I. Hariharan, and G.G. Chase

Transient Buoyant Convection in a Porous-Medium Enclosure by Sudden Imposition of Gravity
K.H. Kim, J.M. Hyun, and J.W. Kim


Flow Instabilities in a Horizontal Dendrite Layer Rotating about an Inclined Axis

D.N. Riahi