Journal of Porous Media

Volume 8, Number 4



Transport Across Atomic Pores

M. Kaviany


Porous Solid Model to Describe Heat-Mass Transfer near Phase Transition Interface in Crystal Growth from Melt Simulations

V. P. Ginkin


Coriolis Effect on Flow Stability in Mushy Layers Solidifying in a Microgravity Environment

S. Govender


Transverse Dispersion in Open Cellular Metallic Foams

J. G. Fourie and J. P. Du plessis


Computer Simulation of Ordinary Gas Transfer in Tubes

G. Aryanpour and M.-H. Abbasi


Thermosolutal Convection in a Ferromagnetic Fluid Saturating a Porous Medium

Sunil, Dyvia, and R. C. Sharma


Simultaneous Thermal and Mass Diffusion on Three-Dimensional Mixed Convection Flow through a Porous Medium  

P. K. Sharma


Effect of the Macroscopic Local Inertial Term on the Non-Newtonian Free-Convection Flow in Channels Filled with Porous Materials  

M. A. Al-Nimr, T. K. Aldoss, and m. M. Abuzaid