Journal of Porous Media

Volume 9, Number 2



Endothelial Surface REorganization: Effects of a Porous Surface Layer

H. Liu and U. Narusawa


Effects of Convergence Factors on Flow through Porous Media in Converging Boundaries

N. B. P. Reddy

Soft Tissue Reponses and Attachement to Porous Titanium with Different Surface Characteristics
Y. Wu, H. Li, T. Yuan, C. Deng, B. Yang, and X. Zhang


Effect of Permeability on Steady Flow in a Dendrite Layer

D. N. Riahi


A Semi-Lagrangian Level Set Method for Capturing Interfaces in Porous Medium

F. D. M. Neto, F. Goncalves, and M. M. Carmona


Flow through a High Porosity Medium in the Presence of Radiation
A. Raptis and C. Perdikis


Curing Time Effect of the Fraction of 137Cs from Cement-Ion Exchange Resins-Bentonite Clay Composition

I. Plecas and S. Dimovic


Immobilization of 137Cs and 60Co in Concrete Matrix

I. Plecas and S. Dimovic