Journal of Porous Media

Volume 9, Number 3



Coking of a Porous Catalyst and its Inhibiting by Siliconiting Modification

P. Zhai, L. Wang, C. Liu, and S. Zhang


Stokes Problem for an Oscillating Plate in a Porous Medium with Hall Effects

M. R. Mohyuddin


Free Convection in a Wavy Cavity Filled with Heat-Generating Porous Media
A. Misirlioglu, A. C. Baytas, and I. Pop


Natural Convective Mass Transfer From Embedded Cyclinders in Saturated Porous Media

S. U. Rahman, M. Al-Khater, N. A. Al-Baghli, and M. A. Abul-Hamayel


Numerical Analysis of Natural Convection in Porous Media: The Influence of Non-Darcian Terms and Thermal Dispersion

J. M. de Medeiros, J. M. Gurgel, and F. Marcondes

Radiation Effects on Mixed Convection over a Non-isothermal Cylinder and Sphere in a Porous Media

H. M. Duwairi


Simulation of Ordinary Gas Transfer in Porous Solid with Tubular Inclined Pores

G. Aryanpour and M.-H. Abbasi