Journal of Porous Media

Volume 9, Number 7



Foundry Core Box Vent Positioning as a Problem of Boundary Optimal Control of Convective Gas Flow in Porous Media

V. Pavan, M. Prat, and V. Vidal


Mathematical Investigation of Effective Thermal Conductivity in Fractured Porous Media

S. Ayatollahi, N. Saber, M. J. Amani, and A. Bitaab


Migration versus Diffusion through Porous Media: Time-dependent Scale Analysis
P. Begue and S. Lorente


On the Effect of Anisotropy on the Stability of Convection in a Rotating Porous Layer distant From the Center of Rotation

S. Govender


Paradox of the Darcy Free Convection over a Vertical Plate with Prescribed Inverse Linear Surface Heat Flux

E. Magyari


Technical Notes:

Liquid-Vapor Phase change and Mixed Convection in a Porous Layer Discretely Heated

M. Najjari and S. Ben Nasrallah


A Boundary Layer Treatment of Forced Convection over a Wedge with an Attached Porous Substrate

A. V. Kuznetsov and D. A. Nield


The Effect of Periodically Oscillating Driving Force on Basic Micro Flows in Porous Media

O. M. Haddad, M. A. Al-Nimr, and M. M. Abuzaid