Journal of Porous Media

Volume 9, Number 8



Steady Flow of an Oldroyd 8-Constant Fluid Between Coaxial Cylinders in a Porous Medium

T. Hayat, M. Khan, M. Sajid, M. Ayrub


Modeling of Reduced Water Flow trough Concrete Caused by Crystallization Technology

A. Al-Khlaifat, A. Al-Otoom


Transport and Deposition of Fine Mode Particles in Porous Filters
A. F. Miguel, A. Hector Reis


Viscous Flow Past a Spherical Void in Porous Media- Effect of Stress Jump Boundary Condition

G. P. Raja Sekhar, M. K. Partha, P. V. S. N. Murthy


Methane Sorption on Large Pore MCM-41 in the Presence of Water

X.-W. Liu, L. Zhou, H. Chang, Y. Sun, Y. P. Zhou


Technical Notes:

Hall Effects on Unsteady Motions of a Generalized Second Grade Fluid through a Porous Medium

S. Nadeem


Rotating Disk Flow in a Porous Medium

H. Ali Attia


Resonance and Viscoelastic Poiseuille Flow in Porous Medium

M. Mohyuddin