Journal of Porous Media

Volume 14, Number 12







Use of Fracture as a Planar Source of Flow to Determine the Effect of a Stagnant Zone on the Dilution of a Front

S. Ganguly


Heat Transfer Enhancements using Pin Fins-Porous-Media Systems



Dependence of Single-Phase and Multiphase Permeability on Capillary Pressure: A Unified Approach

B.Markicevic, N. Djilali


Capillary Rise of a Non-Newtonian Liquid into a Deformable Porous Material

J.I. Siddique, D.M.Anderson




A Comparative Study on MHD Flow by Two Different Transform Methods

T.Hayat, M.F.Afzaal,S.Asghar,A.A.Hendi


Pulsatile Flow of a Viscous Stratified Fluid of Variable Viscosity between Permeable Beds

K.Avinash,J.A.Rao,S.Sreenadh ,Y.V.K.R.Kumar


New Analytical Solution of Stagnation Point Flow in a Porous Medium

M.M.Rashidi,D.D.Ganji, S.M.Sadri