Journal of Porous Media

Volume 14, Number 5





A Feasibility Study of Employing Sequential Function Specification Method for Estimation of Transient Heat Flux in a Non-Thermal Equilibrium Porous Channel

F. Kowsary & M. Nazari


A Model for Particle Deposition during Impregnation of Fibrous Porous Media

C. Steggall-Murphy, P. Simacek, S.G. Advani, A. Barthelemy, S. Yarlagadda, &S. Walsh


Investigating Rock-Face Boundary Effects on Capillary Pressure and Relative Permeability Measurements

O.A. Al-Omair, S.M. Al-Mudhhi, & M.M. Al-Dousari


Capillary Rise in a Non-Uniform Tube

M.E-A. Ben Amara & S. Ben Nasrallah


Immiscible Fluid Displacement in Porous Media: Experiments and Simulations

C.P. Krishnamoorthy, A.P. Deshpande, & S. Pushpavanam


On the Effects of a Cubic Temperature Profile on Oscillatory Rayleigh–Benard Convection in a Viscoelastic Fluid-Filled High-Porosity Medium

R. Idris & I. Hashim




Effects of Periodic Permeability and Suction Velocity on Three-Dimensional Free Convection Flow past a Vertical Porous Plate Embedded in Highly Porous


A.K. Singh, P.P. Singh, & N.P. Singh


Steady Incompressible Flow of a Couple Stress Fluid in a Porous Medium

S. Islam, X.J. Ran, Q.K. Ghori, & A.M. Siddiqui