Special Topics & Reviews in Porous Media- An International Journal

Volume 1, Number 2



Measurement of Temperature-Dependent Thermal Conductivity of Moist Bricks Using the

Transient Hot-Bridge Sensor

F. Mzali, V. Meier, M. Abid, and U. Hammerschmidt


Measurement of Radial and Axial Thermal Diffusivities of Beech for DifferentMoisture Contents Using a Photothermal Method

J. Faouel, F. Mzali, A. Jemni, and S. B. Nasrallah


Nonlinear Ferroconvection in a Porous Layer Using a Thermal Nonequilibrium Model

Sunil, P. Sharma, and A. Mahajan


Simulation of a Chemical Vapor Deposition:Mobile and Immobile Zones and Homogeneous


J. Geiser and M. Arab


Propagation of Waves in a Layer of Transversely Isotropic Elastic Material with Voids and Rotation Overlaying an Isotropic Elastic Half-Space

R. Kumar and R. Kumar


Steady-State Productivity Formula for a Partially Penetrating VerticalWell in a Box-Shaped


J. Lu and D. Tiab


Experimental Investigation of Tertiary Oil Gravity Drainage in Fractured Porous Media

M. Rezaveisi, B. Rostami, R. Kharrat, Sh. Ayatollahi1, and C. Ghotbi


Leaching of Calcined Phosphate Ore Particles with Phosphoric and Acetic Acid Solutions at 25C:

Kinetic Curves and Related Textural Changes

F. Ben Brahim, A. Mgaidi, D. Oulahna, and M. El Maaoui