Special Topics & Reviews in Porous Media- An International Journal

Volume 1, Number 3



Exact Solution of Nonlinear Diffusion Equation for Fluid Flow in Fractal Reservoirs

Y. Yao


Monte Carlo Simulations of CO2 Sorption in Nanoporous Carbons

M. Konstantakou, Th.A. Steriotis, E.S. Kikkinides, & A.K. Stubos


Model of PE-CVD Apparatus: Electrical Fields and Deposition Geometry

J. Geiser & M. Arab


Simple Correlation for Reaction Rate of Coke-Burning in a Hydrocracker Reactor Using

the Mathematical Modeling Technique

A. Behroozi, A. Rahimi, & M.S. Hatamipour


The Pulsatile Flow of a Burgers' Fluid and Heat Transfer through a PorousMedium in

a Circular Pipe

M.T.M. El-Dabe, S.N. Sallam, A.A. Hassan, & M.M. Hussein


Leaching of Calcined Phosphate Ore Particles with Phosphoric and Acetic Acid Solutions

at 25C: Kinetic Curves and Related Textural

F. Ben Brahim, A. Mgaidi, D. Oulahna, & M.El Maaoui


Dispersion of Waves in an Infinite Poroelastic Plate Immersed in an Inviscid Elastic Fluid

S.A. Shah & M. Tajuddin


Stokes' First Problem for a MHD Third Grade Fluid in a Porous Half Space

M. Sajid, N. Ali, T. Javed, & Z. Abbas