Special Topics & Reviews in Porous Media- An International Journal

Volume 1, Number 4



Stochastic Consolidation of Multilayered Soil with Random Height

M. Badaoui


Hydromagnetic Instability of a Continuously Stratified Fluid Layer in a Porous Medium with a Variable Oblique Magnetic Field

M.F. El-Sayed & R.A. Mohamed


Axially Symmetric Vibrations of a Poroelastic Composite Solid Cylinder in the Context of Fretting Fatigue Monte Carlo Simulations of CO2 Sorption in

Nano-Porous Carbons

P. Malla Reddy & M. Tajuddin


Effective Thermal Conductivity of Frost Considering Mass Diffusion and Eddy Convection

M. Kandula


Processing Aluminum Foams Using NaCl Powder with Controlled Particle Size and Studying the Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of the Foams

G. Kavei & K. Ahmadi


Ultimate Length for Reporting Gas Permeability of Carpinus Betulus Wood

H.R. Taghiyari & Y. S. Sarvari


Second Law Analysis for Mixed Convection in Non-Newtonian Fluids over a Horizontal Plate Embedded in a Porous Medium

W. A. Khan & R. S.R. Gorla