Special Topics & Reviews in Porous Media- An International Journal

Volume 2, Number 1


Magnetoconvection in an Anisotropic Porous Layer Using Thermal Non-equilibrium Model

A.K. Srivastava, B.S. Bhadauria, & J. Kumar


Electrohydrodynamic Stability of Couple Stress Fluid Flow in a Channel Occupied by a Porous Medium

N. Rudraiah, B.M. Shankar, & C.O. Ng


Controlling Water Production in Fractured Reservoirs with Cavities using Water Injection

B. Liang, X. Peng, Z. Du & X. Tu


Numerical and Experimental Investigations on the Electrical Conductivity of Foam Materials

W. Xu, H. Zhang, W. Wei, Z. Yang & J. Zhang


Unsteady Viscous Flow and Heat Transfer over a Permeable Stretching Sheet: Case of Heat Flux

W.A. Khan & I. Pop


Thermal Instability of a Nanofluid Saturating a Rotating Anisotropic Porous Medium

S. Agarwal, B.S. Bhadauria & P.G. Siddheshwar


Porosity Predication with Microstructural Method for Open-Cell Aluminum Foam

S. Yishi & G. Xiaolu