Special Topics & Reviews in Porous Media- An International Journal

Volume 2, Number 4


Modeling of the Coupled Conductive and Radiative Heat Transfer in NiCrAl from Phothothermal Measurements and X-Ray Tomography

R. Coquard, D. Rochais, D. Baillis


Estimation of Tortuosity and Effective Diffusivity Tensors using Closure Formulation in a Sintered Polymer Wick during Transport of a

Nondilute, Multicomponent Liquid-Mixture

S. Beyhaghi & K.M. Pillai


Experimental Investigation of Different Steam Injection Scenarios During SAGD Process

A. Mohsenzadeh, M. Nabipour, S. Asadizadeh, M. Nekouie, A. Ameri, S. Ayatollahi


Rock Type Determination in a Carbonate Reservoir using Various Approaches: A Case Study

A. Abedini, F. Torabi, P. Tontiwachwuthikul


Experimental Study on Hydraulic Characteristic of Bottom Intake with Granular Porous Media

F.K. Vahid, K. Esmaili, B. Naghavi


Development of the Porous Ceramic-Based Air Float Platform for Large Glass Substrates

Y-C. Lee, C-C. Yu, R-Y. Tsai, J-C. Hsiao, C-H. Chen, S-K. Huang


Thermal Non-Equilibrium Modeling of Unsteady Natural Convection in Trapezoidal Enclosures in the Presence of Thermal Radiation: Effect of Exponential Variation of Boundary Conditions

M.A. Mansour, M.M.A. El-Aziz, R.A. Mohamed, S.E. Ahmed