Comments from the past several years

ME 510 Undergraduate Heat Transfer

Very good at relating material outside of class to the things we learn in class.

Covered important aspects and seemed interested in teaching.

Knows subject matter and encourages thinking independently.

Very clear, enthusiastic, always had a direction.

Probably the best professor I've ever had.

Explains things well.

Instructor is well prepared.

Able to communicate subject matter clearly. (easy to understand)

Quizzes force students to keep up with material.

Lecture notes were effective.

Forcing students to work problems in class and calling on them makes them pay more attention. Good job.

Appreciate the professor's efforts towards class.

Makes good connection to life examples.

Well prepared with many transparencies.

Professor always made himself available.

His knowledge of subject a strength.

He did a good job of covering a lot of material. I like how he still somehow found time to ask the students questions about the material and had us do practice problems in class.

He was easy to talk to and was one of the best teachers I have ever had.

"Was able to communicate material/questions clearly"

"Knows the material"

"Straight forward lectures were easy to follow."

"Spoke well, handwriting, well at introducing new concepts"

"He is very knowledgeable and makes things interesting."

"Good at explaining concepts"

"Understanding of Students"

"Enthusiastic about teaching and well qualified"

"Good speaker, fun to listen to"

"Good presentation-he cuts through the theory and presents the core ideas clearly."

"The lectures were well organized. He started with the theory and derivation then would build to useful applications in a good manner."

"This was a well presented class."

"Good lecturer"

"Ability to explain theory/problems in a matter that all can understand is a strength."

"Knows material very well and its easily understood."

"When assistance was needed he was very helpful in trying to solve the problems."

"Explains things very well"

"Very informed lectures, well organized."

"Explains concepts clearly, good notes."

"He was very well informed on all of the material in the course so it made it easier to learn from him."

"Consistently asks if we understand material-will explain in sufficient detail even if its something we should have remembered from before."

"He is one of the best instructors I've had at OSU."

"Strengths-Problem solving sessions during the part of lectures."

"Pretty good class overall."

"Good lecturer, fine dresser."

"Ability to convey material a strength."

"Good explanation of theory"

"did an excellent job doing example problems."

"good lecturer, explains concepts very clearly."

"Strength- Works example problems."

"Vafai was always interested in helping if I had problems."

"Explaining theory is a strength and his promptness in grading."

"Project was interesting. Lectures were very good."

"The instructor communicated the subject matter well."

"The instructor was very interested in his subject and made a very goo atmosphere for learning."

"The problem solving sessions were very helpful."

"I really liked having him work out problems in class to show the application of the theories discussed"

"YES!! Finally a class that gives more application than theory. The assignments did a good job of showing the theory in practice."

"The instructor's lectures didn't lag and he gave homework corresponding to the lectures."

"The instructor was one of the better motivators I had this quarter."

"Well organized, Problem solving session helped greatly."

"Problems worked in class a strength."

"Professor Vafai is one of the best professors!"

"Lectures very organized and relevant to important material."

"Overall good lecturer."

"Good explanations and answers to questions."

"Good examples during second hour of class"

"Encourages questions."

"It is obvious that he enjoys the subject."

"Gives pretty good examples."

"The review sessions were very helpful."

"The concept of student feedback is a good one-more instructors should use it."

"Also the homework system-given a day to ask questions before it was due was a good idea."

"Includes examples in class with lecture notes."

"Monitored classes response to class on weekly basis."

"Tried to explain questions."

"Good homework load. (not too much)"

"Very organized and explained himself well."

"Excellent professor, probably one of my best at OSU."

"Very concerned about students learning material."

"Excellent instructor. Very concerned."

"Highly experienced."

"I liked the interaction."

"Good pace, meaningful homework and class examples."

"Lectures were informative and helpful. "

"I like the idea of having the students comment on lecture speed, etc. on the handout."

"He knows his stuff."

"The last problem solving session was a good idea- a very good review and gives us an idea of what will be on the final."

"Major strengths: going over homework problems and visual aids."

"Review of homework problems in class was very helpful. "

"Good, clear lectures."

"Great professor-definitely knows his material and communicates it well."

"Always available for help."

"Homework was adequate to teach material, but not overwhelming."

"He was a great instructor and always ready to help."

"Good lectures."

"Does a good job of explaining what he is writing on the board-makes each lecture much clearer."

"Emphasized the important material."

"The instructor did motivate me through his video, spectrometer and presentation data."

"Professor Vafai's lectures are well planned, in that not only does he represent the material of heat transfer, he keeps it interesting."

"Very good lecture pace, not too fast or slow."

"Vafai is one of the better ME instructors who seems genuinely interested in the students ability to grasp the subject matter."

"He encouraged participation."

"I also liked the straightforward approach to the book."

"Well presented lectures."

"Knows his stuff."

"Cares a lot. Good professor."

"Good interesting speaker."

"Keeps the class moving."

"Does not stumble over any topic."

"Makes sure the students understand everything."

"The frequency of homework was very good, with the amount assigned, you were able to make an honest effort."

"Recaps material in the beginning of class, good speaker."

"The best instructor I think I have ever had at Ohio State."

"Thorough with lecture material, reinforces basic material."

"Generates interest among students."

"Very helpful in office hours."

"Professor Vafai is one of the best M.E. instructors that I have had."

"Explains things well, and does lots of example problems."

"Knows material well."

"Knowledge of the subject and, homework size and relevance are strengths."

"Very knowledgeable about subject."

"One of the best professors I have had at OSU."

"Very enthusiastic, interesting lectures."

"I think that Dr. Vafai is probably the best professor I've had in the M.E. department."

"Very perceptive of the students, how well they are understanding the material. Professor Vafai would slow down when the students were having problems grasping the material."

"The instructor was excited about the material and he was always willing to help the students."

"One of the best professors in the department. It's nice to have a teacher who cares about teaching and the students."

"Seems concerned about teaching the basic that will help us in the future and not trying to bring us up to his level."

"By using homework problems in class, to cause us to think about a coming up topic or difficult topic, we are better able to understand the material. He stresses understanding concepts and their application. Seems to enjoy teaching and is very responsive to questions."

"One of the better professors I've had."

"He made the learning easy."

"The approach to the vast amount of material is good."

"Doesn't do as many proofs, more practical applications."

"Instructor's use of examples and in class questions were very helpful."

"Lectures were generally good."

"The course was presented very well."

"Knows his material very well and did a good job explaining it."

"He is the best teacher I have ever had in the ME department."

"Good knowledge of the subject matter."

"The course was well organized and being able to do the homework in class was a big help in understanding the topics."

"Understanding professor. Willing to help when needed."

"Good attitude towards students."

"Seems to be very responsive to questions and wants to be sure that everyone understands."

"He makes sure class understands topic in class and allows students to spend time working problems and asking questions."

"Emphasis on problem solving was very good for us."

"I like the changes the instructor has made for this quarter. i.e. concentration on fewer topics in order to make understanding more thorough."

"I liked the way problems were assigned in class because it gave us time to ask questions. He also interacted very well with the students which is quite unusual for mechanical engineering."

"Dr. Vafai was very interesting."

"Some strengths are an emphasis on class participation and an effort to make sure the students thoroughly understand the concepts introduced during each class."

"Good communication, understands students and student's problems, well prepared, and knowledgeable."

"Bends rules to accommodate student's needs."

"Interaction with class with homework problems was very helpful."

"Very interactive with class."

"The clarity of the lectures and class interaction were useful."

"I think he was genuinely interested in what he was teaching."

"Well prepared."

"One of the strengths is the ability to talk to the students and not at them."

"Good interaction with the class-this helps because questions are raised that might not have been considered- it gives students a feel for how well they understand material compared to the students."

"Seems to care about students. Asks a lot questions to encourage participation."

"Instructor takes his time and allows the students to think about material."

"Gives good background material and "real life" applications."

"Good knowledge of material."

"He explains the material very well and covers the material by solving class problems."

"Examples in class are helpful."

"Writing down important equations a strength."

"Communicated material very well to students."

"Enthusiasm and willingness to answer questions a strength."

"He handles questions of the class thoroughly and his examples and problems done in class have really helped understand the material."

"He got across the main idea of course topics well - he tried to work problems in class as much as possible."

"He was enthusiastic about the topic and helpful the couple of times I went to talk to him."

"Welcomes questions, cares about students, tries to explain real meaning behind things."

"Very thorough knowledge of subject."

"He kept lectures interesting, the class was not boring."

"Tried to explain things well."

"Interacts well with class."

"The instructor knows his material very well."

"Thorough knowledge of subject. Is sincerely interested in students education."

"Very good working knowledge of material- very responsive to student questions, requests, and feedback."

"He explains things clearly and thoroughly."

"He enjoys the subject he teaches and so I thought he was a good motivator."

"Good understanding of material"

"Clear loud voice."

"I think he explains things very clearly."

"Thorough knowledge, gives practical exams, draws useful diagrams."

"Very available."

"Wants the students to truly understand the material, not just how to solve a problem."

"I appreciate having an instructor who cares whether the student learns."


"The instructor is very enthusiastic and enjoys teaching this subject."

"Instructor is well organized in lecture."

"Strengths- answering questions, homework performed in class."

"The instructor was very well prepared."

"The instructor was always available."

"Very good lecturer. Interested in helping students learn the material."

"The instructor has a very good understanding of the material and related it very well to the students."

"His notes for explanations were very good. He always took time to answer questions."

"Strengths- brought in examples sometimes, correlated well with the book."

"Knows his material well."

ME 808 Graduate Convection Heat Transfer

"Knowledgeable-Very Much-In a very broad spectrum"

"Always, He has time for students."

"Excellent organization of the class."

"Very active in class, keeps the class alive. The time went pretty fast."

"Very enthusiastic about the topic"

"Encourages thought during lectures"

"Very motivated by Dr. Vafai"

"Very approachable and helpful."

"Excellent instructor."

"Helped when I had questions"

"the professor was excellent."

"Good display of "physical feel" of various problems."

"Overall it was quite informative and insightful."

"He knows the material well."

"The instructor provides an excellent knowledge for convection problems. Also, the instructor gives the practical experiment to prove the concept."

ME 710 Intermediate Heat and Mass Transfer

"He had a strong knowledge of the material, exam problems were fair"

"His energy and interest in teaching is a strength. He is concerned if the students learn the information."

"Instructor is very busy but always made time if a student stopped by."

"Great lectures."

"the major strength was in explaining how to do the problems."

"Good home work examples.."

"Going over the homework in class is great."

"I think a good job was done in emphasizing what was important."

"Enthusiastic. Willing to answer all questions."

"Most lectures were interesting despite length."

"Going over assigned problems a strength."

"Enthusiastic for subject. Professor is nice."

"Quizzes are good."

"Many example problems were given. This was very good."

"Various subjects were introduced. Good!"

"Professor was knowledgeable."

"Very good interaction."

"Good flexibility for suggestions."

"Knowledge of material a strength."

"Good pace for the material presented."

ME 581 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

"Very good theory lecturer."

"Good knowledge of subject."

"He was not uptight about lecture and lab work. He seemed to try to be in tune with the students wants and needs."

"Good lecturer and speaker. Very personable."

"He is very helpful when there is a question."

"Well organized, knew the material well."

" The instructor's information helped us a lot designing our project."

"Excellent knowledge and enthusiasm."

"Very helpful."

"The instructor was enthusiastic about the project and very helpful in answering questions."

"Good enthusiasm for the material."

"Very accessible."

ME 512 Undergraduate Heat and Fluid Lab

"At this point the lectures are so clear and somehow I think the examples and problems explained are strongly explained some views that might be helpful to start thinking about some point to focus on during the experiments.

"The instructor's lectures were interesting. He is very knowledgeable in heat transfer."

"The lectures were well informed."

"The lectures were informative lectures with great examples"

ME 806 Graduate Fluid Mechanics

"Thorough coverage of topics, clearly shows development"

"Breadth of knowledge reflected in lectures."

"Interesting subjects were introduced."

"Strong physical background introduction."

"Good explanation of solving various flow problems."

"The lectures were very well presented and informative."

"Excellent knowledge of material."

"Very clear explanations of complicated material."

"I find Dr. Vafai very enthusiastic, helpful, and approachable."

"Excellent class."

"The material was nicely covered in a well organized way. The course was very interactive."

"Very clear and straight forward in explaining solutions."

"Dr. Vafai is very personable and very helpful when asked questions."

"Enthusiastic for subject."

"Adapting to a class needs is a strength."

"Plenty of examples provide good insight in the physics of flow field."

"Analytical ability a major strength."

"Well prepared and knows the subject matter well."

"Clear and concise."

"Listens to feedback from students."

"Lectures on theory and does problems."

"Good examples."

"he knows the subject very well."

"Basically well-organized and followed syllabus and notified us of changes in syllabus when necessary."

"The instructor seemed to recognize student problems so he emphasized more on unclear subjects."

"Lectures are generally good."

"Teacher knew the subject well and was prepared for class."

"Dr. Vafai was easy to approach and handled questions in class very well."

"The strengths were that he started teaching the material from the ground level. He did not jump into the middle of the material and lose everybody."

ME 815 Graduate Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Media


"Gets to the point"

"Answers any question"

"Knows a great deal of heat transfer and related areas"

"Excellent professor. Keep this way, updated! Top of the line on porous media. Presenting updated material."

"Very good instructor."

"The instructor has a wide experience in the field covered in this course and the lecture has been very good."

"Strong background in the major field and Math field."

"Good discussions in class."

"Strong knowledge of the subject matter and very motivating/interactive with students."

"Very well informed instructor."

"Extensive research experience in particular subject a strength."

"Knows the subject well."

"I think the most strengths of the lecture is the instructor's own research experience and familiarity in this field. Also creative participance is highly encouraged in this course."

"Dedication to the students' understanding of the material-questions are encouraged and ever detail is explained."

"Use of examples-all examples have practical applications so understanding is enhanced."

"Professor Vafai is excited about the material and it shows!"

"He explains the material very well."

"Good examples in dealing with practical problems."

"The instructor was well prepared for the lecture."

"He is well prepared for the material."

"He was ready to help when the need arose."

"The major strength of the instructor is that he gets the class interested with a practical problem and then models it theoretically with a solution after simplifying procedures if possible."

ME 809 Graduate Thermal Radiation

"Comprehensive coverage of the pertinent theory."

"Good pace especially with the use of transparencies."

"Very wide background knowledge in heat transfer reflected through lectures."

"Good notes, excellent use of examples."

"Good analogies for abstract topics."

"Very strong in theoretical aspects."

"Fundamental theory, a major strength."

"Strong knowledge of subject."

"The exam format was excellent."

"Combination of lectures, examples and exams is very good in learning the radiation."

"He gave me good conceptions for radiation."

"Instructor did a great job motivating with examples of radiation problems (applied)."

"Materials were covered in an appropriate way, where build up strategy was followed supported by problems."

ME 503 Undergraduate Fluid Mechanics

"The lectures are usually pretty interesting. Professor Vafai tries to keep them at a level where the students will enjoy or at least amuse themselves. -Very Good."

"Excellent lecturer. (It is possible to learn the material without spending hours reading the book.)"

"Our quizzes and midterm were covered very well before we took them."

"Dr. Vafai is one of the 3 best professors that I have had in 3 ˝ years at OSU."

"Very straightforward lecture told what you need to know."

"The lectures are very good. Some of the best I've had."

"the lectures were interesting enough. The teacher had a good relationship with the class which helped the atmosphere of the class."

"Lectures were very instructive due to the problem-solving approach and open interaction."

"The lecturer is enthusiastic and knows the subject well."

"Instructor Vafai is, in my opinion, the best teacher in this department. He cares that the students understand the material and really tries to make all of the material crystal clear."

"Simplification of complex material is a strength."

"I like very much the way he taught the class. he broke down the book's complex representation of equations into simpler equations."

"It was great when many examples were done and homework was gone over in class."

"Good lecturer."

"Lectures were kept very interesting by the instructor."

"Overall lectures were kept interesting, and presentation was very good."

"Instructor did a good job of teaching what the book lacked."

"Strengths are knowledge of subject, intensity, and class interaction."

"Lectures were pretty good."

"Dr. Vafai's lectures were always interesting."

"Solving homework problems in class was useful and helped to create a better understanding of the material."

"I liked the way he did not refer to the book too often. I also liked going over homework in class. Lectures did not get boring. Good job."

"Going over homework problems a major strength."

"Does a lot of examples, explains homework solutions class and does it well. Lectures are good for a few laughs so you don't mind coming."

"The instructor seemed to know much about the course material."

"He encouraged participation"

"Also interacted well with students over homework."

"Right to the point, did not mess with trivial points, gave us the material we needed and put it on the tests."

"Everything is usually explained very well."

"The instructor was motivational and available for help."

"Instructor's lectures were very good. I learned the material better through his format."

"Instructor taught the course very well."

"Instructor simplified the material."

"The instructor presented material in an easy to follow manner."

"He hit the nail right on the head! He doesn't mess around with excess derivations, etc."

"He was extremely helpful and willing to help out even outside of office hours."

"Overall I thought the lectures were very good."

"Good lecturer."

"I liked the lectures and going over the problems at a latter time."

"Good presentation of material."

"Doing homework problems in class helpful."

"The examples given are a strength."

"He is knowledgeable on this subject."

"The instructor mad the course interesting."

"He's very enthusiastic about his subject which makes the class better."

"He goes over homework so you know what you are doing."

"Very knowledgeable in subjects."

"Relates fairly well to students."

"Problem solving good."

"Has a lot of interaction with students."

"Does a lot of examples on board."

"Good understanding of material."

"Does examples and explains well."

"Seems to enjoy teaching. Excellent in helping one on one."

"He is a good lecturer."

"Knew the material well and was well prepared for class."

"Knows material, communicated well most of the time, enthusiastic."

"Teacher was good on getting class to interact and discuss material."

"Liked going over problems in class."

"Teacher was very sympathetic to other class loads and exams- nice for a change."

"Thorough knowledge of subject."

"Good presentation."


"Well organized, writes well."

"Understandable, with good presentation of topics."

"Excellent knowledge of subject and the ability to convey this knowledge."

"Was enthusiastic and a nice guy."

ME 501 Undergraduate Thermodynamics

"Lectures were good, material outlined and covered was relevant, and in class problem solving was excellent."

"Stressed major points and explained concepts very well."

"Strengths are that he usually highlights the most important issues from the text and that sample problems are studied in class."

"Examples provide good application for the lectures and are very helpful. Pointing out the implications of the may assumptions was also helpful."

"The instructor stimulated interest and answered questions and gave illustrations which were interesting."

"Good interaction with students."

"Good question and answer sessions."

"The examples given are very helpful. Going over homework problems before they are due is also very helpful."

"Good explanation of qualitative analysis given by equations"

"The instructor was available for assistance and made the class more interesting than I expected it to be."

"I thought that Vafai was very flexible with the students needs and was open to changes or suggestions."

"The homework sets were very useful to the course. Lectures were very good and question sections were useful. Also, working problems in class was a good idea."

"I thought the classwork moved along at a good pace. We were not crammed with material and had time to explain and understand the information."

"He is a good teacher. His lecture is clear."

"Good knowledge of course."

"Good tests and homework."

"I liked the problem solving in class a lot. That really helps."

"Was well prepared for the particular class, knows the material well."

"Communication skills a strength i.e.. spoke at a level the students could comprehend."

"Was very helpful and willing to see students even outside of office hours."

"He explains his lectures very well and gives adequate examples."

"The lectures went quite well. Explanations were very good. This is important as this can be a very hard to comprehend subject."

"The instructor was more than willing to teach all that you needed to know "

"Strengths include the instructors knowledge of the material."

"I thought the lectures were very well presented."

"The material was clearly explained and satisfactory answers to most questions were given."

"The major strength was his emphasis of the fundamentals."

"Good knowledge of subject matter."

"Good that homework problems are done in class."

"Answers questions during lecture."

"He's helpful in terms of answering questions."

"Good organization."

"Explains problems and principles better than the book."

"Follows the book. This helps clarify confusion."

"Instructor always tried to clarify confusing points."

"Good lecture"

"He derives the equations quite well."

"The instructor knows the material very well."

Heat Transfer

“Well structured course with a clear and understandable professor.”

“Vafai is a wonderful instructor who is really concerned with the progress of the class and individual.”

“Vafai was a good professor, however the material was difficult.”

“Reviews after/before class were successful.”

“Professor Vafai did well in explaining.”

“Very enthusiastic teacher.”

“Rigorous course.”

“Dr. Vafai is an excellent professor who is extremely educated in the field that he teaches. He shows care for students’ progress and is quick to meet the needs. Heat transfer is one of the most difficult courses in the school, and yet most if not all of Vafai’s students understand the content.”

“Professor Vafai is a really good professor.”

“Thee best professor I have had in the mechanical engineering department. Love your classes, I feel really free to ask questions. You are very approachable and funny. Like the way you did the class overall.”

“I thought that there was too much material to cover in one quarter; this is not a complaint to the professor but rather just on the program and design on the class.”

“I had a genuine desire to take this class. I initially did not appreciate the professor’s methods of teaching it, but he was at least receptive to student’s complaints and changed the structure after the first midterm. I definitely preferred the class after these changes were made compared to before.”

“The class was great.”

“Professor Vafai was a good instructor overall. He was very helpful during office hours. He made the topics interesting by providing a bit of background from time to time. I would definitely be interested in taking another class taught by Professor Vafai.”

“Good professor. Genuinely concern for student progress and success in class.”

“Professor Vafai, I may say that he is one of the most considerate professors in the Mechanical Engineering Department.”

“Dr. Vafai has been a great teacher. Teaching this material must be very difficult since the topics are the most advanced that we have ever seen. However, Dr. Vafai obviously knows this material very well and clearly demonstrates a passion for it.”

“The professor is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and capable.”

“First off, I have to commend Professor Vafai for what he did in this class. It became very evident early on that the class as a whole did not have as strong and firm an understanding of even the most basic material as was expected for this course. Sure, he was upset by this fact and let us know it but what a lot of the students in the class didn’t realize was that after the initial moment of frustration, the Professor entirely changed his course plan and pace to accommodate for us. In return all he asked from us is that we make an equal effort to study and review as he did going back and helping reinforce in us basic concepts. I can certainly say that I gained a better grasp of this material with him teaching it to me than my original professor who was supposed to have laid down the foundation for us before. In the end, I thank him for being so open and willing to help us try and succeed in this course with its complexity. I know that if I pass this course and understand the material, it will be because of his effort and that if I fail this course, it would be because of my own lack of responsibility.

“Heat mass transfer is not an easy but really useful subject in our major. I really practice a lot and learn a lot in this class. This is exactly what I want to get more knowledge from class. I love this class and many thanks want to give to Dr. Vafai.”

“I liked the course. I recommend to all other mechanical engineering students. Though the order of the material was quite confusing at times, the overall learning from the course was very good.”

“Dr. Vafai is one of the most friendliest professor, I have come across. He is always available to help his students. This course in particular is completely new to me. Dr. Vafai was continuously motivating and pushing me little by little to make me get better understanding of the course. I am very grateful for having taken course with him.”

“Prof. Vafai taught everall and helped us better understanding of the course. And also this course helped me get to know some realistic issues regarding the content.”

“I was able to learn new things. Got a chance to learn COMSOL. Assignments were long but Prof. provided enough time & help to solve them.”

“Well structured course with a clear and understandable professor.”

“Vafai is a wonderful instructor who is really concerned with the progress of the class and individual.”

“Vafai was a good professor however the material was difficult.”

“Professor Vafai did well in explaining.”

“Very enthusiastic teacher.”

“The material covered in this course was presented really interactive and also practical. The method of Q&A helped me and other students to learn some kind of tips and trick that when we are studying the book ourselves we simply leave and pass.”

“Prof. Vafai is a nice person and perfect in teaching heat transfer courses. He discussed on very useful problems and aspects related to cooling of electronic devices. Using different devices for presentations (video projector, overhead, ...) was a good idea.”

“The professor was impressive and course was very helpful.”

“Prof. Vafai is nice and helpful and strong background in this area.”

“I enjoyed your class.”

“This is a good course for understanding heat transfer phenomena overall. Instructor got into more difficult parts of the subject sometimes, but it is a good time to understand this (heat transfer subject).”

“Professor Vafai taught everall and helped us better understanding of the course. And also this course helped me get to know some realistic issues regarding contents.”

“I was able to learn new things. Got a chance to learn COMSOL. Assignments were long but Prof. provided enough time & help to solve them.”

“Covers a wide variety in subject areas, goes a very fast but followable.”

“The professor was organized and very helpful...he made an attempt to ensure students understood the material.”

“The quizzes are very good to review & make sure we understood the material. Dr. Vafai is very knowledgeable about the subject, I enjoy the class.”

“The lecture section has a nice mix of problems and deviation. The book is hard to understand.”

“The instructor would cover material well and provided many examples to show application.”

“The instructor presents material in a good manner and the use of examples are extremely helpful since the book provides very few.”

“I believe that Vafai is truly concerned with our understanding of the material.”

“Prof. Vafai is a great instructor. He teaches well and tries to make all student questions clear. He works hard for students and respects them. The quality of his classes are strongly higher than that of the other instructors in Mechanical Eng. Dept.”

“Very useful course. Excellent presentation. Thanks.”

“The course was taught very well. Professor Vafai is the best teacher in the department. He explains the material very clearly and is very approachable. This course helped me tremendously in my research area of heat pipes.”

“Overall was good class with difficult material covered.”

“Professor was very responsive to our needs after poor performance on midterm.”

“Very excellent work and distinguished.”

“Very concerned about student learning”

“The teaching method was very methodical. Following the slides and explaining it. Very effective and was interesting.”

“His teaching style is very friendly. He is enthusiastic about teaching and helping the students. It was a good effort and time of me to take this class.”

“Very good course.”

“This class is very useful to me.”

“He is very knowledgeable in this field and skilled in teaching.”

“The way instructor teaches, can be evaluated as a best way to cover all the course material in one quarter. He is very helping in office hours. The information is very much unique in itself.”

“Good presentation & well linked material & assignments/projects for a quarter course.”

“Projects were very helpful in understanding the material.”

“The information is very useful for solving the heat transfer problems.”

“Teaching is very good!”

“Professor Vafai presented everything well. I learned really more things about heat transfer in this class. He is a really good instructor.”

“Professor Vafai has done a great job with teaching this course. This course was very difficult in that there was too much material for a short quarter. I really hoped this class is divided in half. Professor Vafai was very professional with his power point slides & he presented his material very clear.”

“The instructor always made sure we understood the material. He was really concerned about the students and our knowledge of the material.”

“As always, very pleased with his teachings.”

“Great course! I look forward to taking 116B”

“Prof. Vafai continues to be my favorite Professor. His lectures are very clear and organized. It is a very difficult class, but very informative. Don’t change a thing.”

“Very well presented the material. A little fast because it is a semester class rather than a quarter class.”

“Very good Professor, the best. Great presentation, I like the slides.”

“Prof. Vafai has an extremely understandable and straightforward way of presenting the material. Examples presented in class were extremely helpful in comprehension of the material.”

“The Professor did an excellent job with the class. The powerpoint presentations were understandable and very clear. I appreciate all the examples.”

“Good stuff, just too fast!”

“Good Professor.”

Fluid Mechanics

“Overall, a wonderful professor.”

“I liked the class.”

“Overall I enjoyed class and was able to learn all the material.”

“This was a very good course. Thank you.”

“Dr. Vafai was clear and concise in presenting the material. I especially appreciate how he demonstrated the applications of the material taught to real situations.”

“Professor Vafai’s class was cool. I think that it would have been a little more helpful to slow down slightly during the derivations but there’s so much material that we probably didn’t have time for that. Overall great.”

“this class was very hard but very interesting! He was a great professor and definitely knew his material.”

“The instructor explain the course material clearly and quizzes are related to homework we did, which improve our confidence when we doing quizzes and exams.”

“Enjoyed Vafai as a teacher. Helped make the material easier to learn and easier to apply to live. Enjoyed Fluid Mechanics with him.”

“Thank you for making this class so fun and although I didn’t do so well as I would have liked but I felt that you made it so that the material was not difficult to understand.”

“What an amazing course. Thanks for caring about whether or not we understood the material and slowing down enough to listen to our needs. You make the engineering department look good.”

“Very good professor. He made fluids easy and was very approachable during office hours. Exams difficult were perfect. He challenged me while staying fair. I highly recommend this professor to continue teaching as may upper level ME classes as he can.”

“Professor Vafai is an outstanding professor. I loved how he always brought the students into his lectures. He would always asking questions to help us learn the concepts behind the material. He was very helpful with the material. I hope to have more classes with him.”

“I had a great experience overall.”

“Professor Vafai was very helpful.”

“The instructor was very helpful. He helped make taking this class a wonderful experience.”

“Professor Vafai teaches in a way that is very understandable.”

“Though some of the material appeared intimidating when it was initially presented, Professor Vafai was capable of eliminating these early concerns by showing the class some very useful examples. The homework given each week was also fair in testing our ability to apply some of the material we were taught.”

“Very gooooooooooooooooood professor.”

“Good examples with relevance to subject.”

“Really well organized lectures and the material was very understandable.”

“This class is very useful in future aspects of our careers.”

“Great course, great instructor.”

“Very good!”

“His instruction style is very good!”

“By going back and forth between theoretical material and material we have seen before, gave us a better understanding of the application of the theoretical material.” Thermodynamics

“Professor Vafai is one of the best professors in the Mechanical Engineering and campus-wide.”

“Vafai understands the material very well. He is concerned with the students learning the material more than the difficulty of it at hand. He is a very good professor. If he is teaching another course, I would take him.”

“Professor Vafai does an excellent job in teaching the material. This is the first ME course that I have thoroughly understood the material.”

“He did a great job of presenting the material. The material itself is difficult.”

“Thank you for always welcoming our input and making the class even more of a joy to attend. If there was ever an issue you always did your best to work it out. Thanks.”

“The lectures were a little fast paced, but other than that it was good.”

“This class was much more superior to the class I took at UCI. I was organized & taught in depth, yet in an understandable manner.”

“He made material pretty easy to understand & sometimes went a little fast or didn’t thoroughly explain certain concepts. However it was never a large problem and overall it was very good.”

“He always presented the material in a clear and concise manner. He was always concerned with students learning and did all that he could to help them.”

“The instructor cared that we learned the material which made him a good professor in my opinion.”

“Great class, great instructor...I really enjoyed this course. Though material is hard to comprehend at times, instructor does care about the students and performance.”

“Excellent organization, presentation, & execution.”

“Professor Vafai did a good job of integrating good in-class examples with the lecture material. Examples helped with homework and overall understanding of course.”

“I like his teaching style. Very direct and to the point.”

“The teacher was very challenging and made a point to make sure we understood. He trusted us.”

“Awesome teacher & course. Had to struggle through some times on my own, but I still learned it.”

“Discussion was very helpful, quizzes were difficult.”

“The course was a little bit fast paced, but understandable. The professor explains well and backs up for this lectures with related examples which help a lot to understand the concepts.”

“Throughout my three years in UCR Dr. Vafai is the best instructor I had so far. The format of the class is really enjoyable. There are a lot of interaction between Dr. Vafai and the students Dr. Vafai however can talk a little slower.”

“Great class, I just wish I actually understood what was going on. I wish the class didn’t go so fast.”

“Teaches with passion and a very smart person.”

“I liked the course. It was fun & easy to see how it applied to work & life.”

“Professor Vafai is a very good professor however he goes over material somewhat fast. He is very explanatory with different concepts & makes you think about how to figure out problems in different ways.”

“The material was well presented.”

“Went really fast in the beginning. Took a couple weeks to get used to the pace and quiz and homework schedules. Overall was ok. Lectures were clear and usually understandable.”

“This course rocks make a 100C so we can learn more.”

“Course was well done.”

“Excellent professor. Great teacher.”

“Professor Vafai does an excellent job in teaching this course. I feel as though I have learned many valuable things by taking his class. I have no complaints.”

“Dr. Vafai cares a lot about the students and is extremely knowledgeable about thermo. I truly enjoyed this class.”

“The presentation was very informative. This course was motivational.”

“Great professor. Excellent power points.”

“I enjoyed this course but had trouble with the tests.”

“uses good examples and lots of them, however not enough time to complete midterms given.”

“a very good course.”

“I believe Vafai was truly concerned with our understanding of the material. While it is probably one of my least favorite subjects, he still made it interesting and applicable.”

“Good teacher that cares about his students.”

“Professor Vafai is an effective professor. He also cares about his students, which is always a plus.”

“The class was good.”

“Very good lecturer, very hard midterms, very time-consuming projects.”

“It was really nice that the professor changed how he taught the course throughout the quarter to suit the students needs.”

“Great instructor. Hard test/quizzes. Keeps student active and awake.”

“I thought the manner in which material was covered in class worked very well to help students understand the material.”

“Great Professor.”

“Professor Vafai is a very good professor however, he goes over material somewhat fast. He is very explanatory with different concepts & makes you think about how to figure out problems in different ways.”

“Excellent INSTRUCTOR. Well Prepared. Examples he does are helpful.”

“Professor Vafai is an excellent teacher. His teaching techniques are very helpful.”

“Very organized and understandable instructor. Presents the material in a way a person can understand it right away. A++”

“Excellent Professor! Explains topics and concepts clearly.”

“Professor Vafai is an excellent and well-organized instructor.”

“Really appreciated the Power Point presentation for lecture notes. This class has been the most enjoyable and interesting ME classes I have taken...I feel as though I actually retain the information.”

“Professor was always prepared with a clear lesson plan for each day of class. In-class exercises and quizzes helped with understanding the material. Professor was always accessible during office hours and overall was very helpful.”

“Explains very well.” “The course is very difficult only because there is so much to learn in such a small amount of time. Prof. Vafai was incredibly organized which was essential to understanding the material. He was also always very excited to teach the material which inspires us, the students.”

“Very organized and professional. It is very clear that he has a great understanding of the class material. He encourages the class to ask questions and is very clear in his explanations.”

“I like the instructor. He took time to help out with questions. He was always friendly & class in his office hours.”

“went through material too fast sometimes, but overall presented material well.”

“Mr. Vafai was an excellent teacher and I am going to recommend him for future students.”

“Good organization of class.”

“Professor Kambiz Vafai is very organized and his teaching methods outstanding.”

“He’s really into thermodynamics that we get a lot of info.”

“The instructor presented everything in a clear and understandable way. I found it very easy to do well in his class. Overall the organization of this class was very efficient.”

“Powerpoint Presentations are always very clear, Never have to try to read “chicken scratch” like some professors when they write on the board.”

“Dr. Vafai is an excellent instructor. He clearly understands what motivates students and what methods students learn best from. He always is very thorough with the material coverage and performs examples to help students comprehend the subject matter.”

“This course was well presented and I learned a lot in it.”

“I learned interesting material by the teacher. He presented material organized because lecture is by power point.”

“The examples are very helpful. As well the review of the previous lecture at the beginning of each lecture is very helpful. I found at the end of the course the pace was a little fast. However, overall I wish all my teachers were as good as Vafai.”

“The examples and periodical review are very useful. They help me very much when it comes to homework and reviewing for midterms.”

“Vafai has made it his concern. That we all learn the material. Willing to answer my questions no matter how simple or complex they might be.”

“I enjoyed the class. He explained things very went through detailed examples. I look forward to having Dr. Vafai in other class in the future.”

“Good examples, related to homeworks and good practice for exams.”

“Great class, Awesome Professor!”

“Examples done in class help a lot, especially when done right after the theory that should be continued next time around.”

“Presents material in an organized way.”

“The use of example during class made understanding the material easier. Everything was organized well.”

“We need more Professors at his caliber. Examples are very useful. Review is useful too.”

“He is a very good Professor. We need more Professor that are like him or at his caliber, his review are very useful and precise.”

“Good course.”

“Class lectures are informative. Very good review on the material. Very organized.”

“Explained all concepts very well. Was good at taking the concerns of students into considerations.”

“Clear and precise presentation the review was useful.”

“The use of power point is useful. One can understand things more clearly. Also the examples presented during lectures are a help.”

“Instructor presented material in a well organized manner. The overheads were visually useful. HW and tests ‘kept me on my toes’ with the material presented.”

“The examples presented in class coincided very well with the material for the course.” “Vafai is a good instructor. He presents a great amount of material, but does so in an organized fashion with important points included and emphasized from every section. Although he wants us to be challenged on exams, I do not believe this is the best philosophy since it does not allow students to completely demonstrate the full understanding of the material and have to worry about understanding the problem more than demonstrating that the learned material can be applied to correctly solve the problem.”

“He teaches very clearly. Presents all the material in an organized fashion. Easy to comprehend.”

“I liked the projects in the class.”

“Vafai is still my favorite professor...I’ve been in his class 3 times now, and I think he really cares about his students. He has the best presentations.”

“Though this class was difficult, in a sense that there was a lot of material to cover in a short time, Professor Vafai did an excellent job in instructing the course. He always shows concern to his students & is always willing to give us a challenge.”

“Prof. Vafai continues to be the best teacher in the ME department. As far as the course goes, it is a great addition to all of our educations. It is very good to be able to go deep into a subject taught by teaching master.”

“Excellent course, very applicable material. Dr. Vafai is one of the most organized and proficient professors I have had at UCR. He is always very concerned about how well we understand the material.”

“The instructor goes out of his way to make sure the students understand the material. He presents the material in a very understandable manner.”

“Always very patient & willing to help.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of having him for several quarters now.”

“Excellent class, I’m glad I registered for this class, good teacher.”

“Yes, the instructors present the material in a very neat way. He knows the material.”

“Class is presented in an organized manner allowing the material to be learned more easily.”

“The projects were interesting and provided a lot of insight to the class. I was glad to get homework problems too, because it furthered the understanding of the material.”

“Professor Vafai show a lot of concern towards his students all quarter long. The slides are very well organized but there are times when it’s hard to copy everything down. The quizzes are very helpful because it is easier on us on the Midterms.”

“He teaches very well and I liked the clear lectures.”

“good organized, good slides., I learned more about thermodynamics.”

“Prof. Vafai’s teaching style is awesome. He is also always ready to help the students whenever possible. His personal feedback to our performance is very much appreciated. The lecture slides help tremendously for understanding material. Excellent course.”

“I respect Professor Vafai so much. He really goes out of his way to suit the needs of his students. His lecture presentations are very well organized and useful.”

“He was very helpful and patient and encouraged students to ask questions and made sure we understood the concepts.”

“Prof. Vafai has a wonderful teaching style. He is ideal for the harder courses we are required to take. He is the perfect upper division teacher. The slides are useful because there is so much to be covered. I never liked him much in easy classes.”

“The instructor was very well prepared. The slides that he used to teach the material were fabulous. I enjoyed this instructor.” “I took the first class (100A) at another school and the class here was so so much easier to understand. Vafai is an excellent instructor.”

“Best professor I’ve had. Love the presentation. Top notch.”

“Professor Vafai did a great job presenting the course. He is always helpful and helps us to strive to do our best. The presentation on slides are well done.”

“great professor. Loved the slides.”

“I enjoyed Professor Vafai as well as the class.”

“Good experience, material was easy to grasp through him. He goes a little fast on lecture sometimes hard to keep up.”

“The slides are very helpful as well as the examples that go along with them.”

“I thought this was a very well taught, personal class. The presentation style was very good, the use of numerous examples was extremely helpful, and the homework/quizzes/test were well thought out and applied well to the course material. I also really enjoyed the professor, he did everything to make sure we understood the material and was very approachable.”

“This professor is one of the best I’ve ever had. He was always concerned that he was doing the best he could. I liked the presentations and I especially liked the clarifications on the chalkboard.”

“This was by far the most organized and interesting class I have had. Prof Vafai is a great guy who is always there for questions. The slides ten to usually be a bit boring, but for a class such as thermo they seem to be the best way to illustrate each involved example or equation. This was an extremely difficult class that I was please to have Prof Vafai instructing.”

“Professor Vafai has an awesome teaching presence. His demeanor and attitude toward the students is absolutely outstanding. He is always willing to drop whatever he is doing to help the students. The Powerpoint note presentation is definitely a good way to present material, it makes note taking very clear and concise. Excellent course.”

“The Power Point slides are very helpful and easy to read rather than reading from board.”

“This was probably the best class I’ve ever taken. The notes were clearly organized. The weekly quizzes kept me on my toes. The homework was also very understandable. The professor was very concerned with our learning, he encouraged us to ask questions & show up to his office hours. I’ve learned many things in this class, it was a terrific experience.”

“I liked the organized manner in which the slides were shown. It made taking notes very easy. I feel that the material was taught at a good pace. I like the weekly quizzes because they helped keep us up with the material.”

“Professor Vafai did a great job teaching Thermodynamics. All the slides and the in class examples were very good and well organized. Professor Vafai was always concerned about our understanding and very helpful during office hours. The quiz’s each week helped me to stay on top of the material they really helped.”

“In the beginning I disliked the way he taught. I thought his lecture was very fast because he used slide from his computer. But in the end I enjoyed his presentations. I also liked how we were quizzed every Friday, it keeped me on top of my stuff.”

“I like how HW and Quizes were on every Friday. Good way of keeping us from procrastinating. Quizes were relevant to assignments. The slides needed some time to get used to but overall very effective. I like the way problems are approached in a similar, systematic mannor.” Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

“Professor Vafai was very helpful in the way where he introduced us to Mechanical Engineering. The projects that he made enhanced my critical thinking skills as well as my ability to work affectively as a team.”

“He was fun to attend class with. Everything that was taught to us in class was directly related to what was tested. Overall, the learning experience was enjoyable.”

“This class was a good intro to ME and it really helped my in deciding if I wanted to stay in this field of research.”

“Very nice!” “The class was very enjoyable to be in, and the teacher was very knowledgeable in his field.”

“Professor Vafai, I thank you for teaching me what engineering is based on and what I have to do to succeed; attitude, goal, perseverence.”

“The lectures were informative but rushed at times.”

“Great teacher, made the class really enjoyable.”

“Good professor who ran a well structured class.”

“Everyday a lecture was prepared to get us ready for anything we had to do in lab. Was very informative and motivated students to d well. In addition, information related to our futures in our majors were constantly mentioned, which was very helpful.”

“Professor Vafai was very helpful in the way where he introduced us to Mechanical engineering. The projects that he made enhanced my critical thinking skills as well as my ability to work affectively as a team.”

“He was fun to attend class with. Everything that was taught to us in class was directly related to what was tested. Overall, the learning experience was enjoyable.”

“This class was a good intro to ME and it really helped me in deciding if I wanted to stay in this field of research.”

“Very nice!”

“The class was very enjoyable to be in, and the teacher was very knowledgeable in his field.”

“Professor Vafai, I thank you for teaching me what engineering is based on and what I have to do to succeed; attitude, goal, perseverence.”

“Helped me gain a better understanding about ME in general.”

“The class gave me a better understanding of the career I want to pursue”

“The course was overall informative and influences me to stick with Mechanical Engineering. The instructor is very intelligent and a good teacher.”

“Good job teaching!”

“It was great knowing the field of engr and able understanded by such a well-skill professor.”

“Even though I had to take the course, it was still a fun lab and very informative.”

“Instructor informed and engaged students effectively, courses and labs were fun and informative.”

“Good job.”

“The instructor did an efficient job making the course material more enjoyable by being hands on projects. He also explains the material covered in lecture quite thoroughly.”

“Professor was great in explaining the material. Great intro class. Really prepared me for what is expected in the following levels of the class.”

“Professor Vafai was helpful.”

“His lectures went over what it is to be an engineer and I was thoroughly satisfied.” Methods of Engineering Analysis

“Professor Vafai is really a good lecture speaker. The content in the class is clear and challenging. I learn a lot from this class.”

“Professor really wanted everyone to gain an understanding of the subject matter, but still definitely kept challenged to work hard as well. Learned an immense amount and always enjoyed class as well.”

“Dr. Vafai has a lot of enthusiasm for this course. I think he is a good teacher and has always the best intentions for his students. His teaching style/means of communicating course material was a bit challenging since it was presented in a slide format.”

“Professor organized his lecture excellent. This course really gives me a lot of help to understand differential equations. Terrific!!”

“Very Challenging”

“This class was pretty good.”

“His desire to educate his students reflected well in his teaching. For example, over the quarter, his notes became more detailed. He was a joy to have as a professor.”

“I cannot fault Dr. Vafai for anything related to class activities. He has always been a considerate lecturer who takes pride in his students’ success. He is always available during office hours and is eager to help students who come to him for help.”

“Professor Vafai is a great instructor. I really enjoyed the class and I learned a lot. He asks us to do some examples at class after each teaching section so we learn at class completely. He kindly answers our questions and his quizzes are very good to keep us always updated. He teaches patiently and deeply. I really thank him.”

“I enjoyed the class very much.”

“Very good teacher. I gain insight into mathematics.” Energy and Environment

“Professor Vafai is an excellent teacher because he is very dedicated to the course and gives importance to the students concerns.”

“The Prof. was excellent, he was very organized as well as funny and kept the class interesting, even when the subject matter was not too interesting.”

“Dr. Vafai was very clear cut with what he wanted us to know through out the entire course.”

“Professor Vafai was great and cared about the students.”

“The class was enjoyable.”

“I really enjoyed this class, and felt that Professor Kambiz was very effective at breaking down the material to a level that non-major students could easily grasp and comprehend. I also really enjoyed his lecture style.”

“awesome class!”

“Professor Vafai enthusiastically taught his course and made the material interesting.”

“Professor was nice and good at explaining stuffs”

“I learned a lot in this class. It was a good class to take the Professor explained it in a way that we could all understand and it was very informative. I would recommend this class to others to take.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Very enthusiastic and informative. Good learning environment in lectures and explains content well.”

“the instructors teachings were very informative and helpful.”

good teacher. Explains things clearly and he knows what he’s saying.”

“well professor Vafai the truth is that I really did not want to take this course but I had to, to get a third class. Personally if something does not interest me personally I considered the class boring. But I can say that I learn a few things that I did not know and thought that was pretty interesting...I’m not going to lie plus you made the course easy to understand.”

“the professor was extremely clear in what we needed top know. He explicitly told us what we needed to know for the exams and what supplementary material. He was very helpful to the students and often asked us if anything needed to change. He often asked the students if they preferred one thing over the other and did his best to accommodate those requests. His teaching was very good and very clear. There was never a moment of confusion, for me, on any of the material. He kept it as a level that was appropriate for the course. Overall, he was one of the best teachers I had.”

“the professor knew the material well. His teaching was very clear. He was fair with grading and the students.”

“I enjoyed this course.”

“I enjoyed attending his class.”

“Loved this class which surprised me since I have never had a good experience in CNAS or BCOE.”

“Professor Vafai was a very ready to make things work for the students. He catered to the students a lot although the material was a little difficult. He cared for the students a lot.”

“I really enjoyed this course.”

“the teacher is very knowledgeable.”

“Professor Vafai was very knowledgeable about engineering. The class was so interesting that I considered changing my major, I learned a lot in this class and I appreciated his passion for the subject greatly.”


“Great professor! Brings so much enthusiasm about topics that it encourages individual awareness.”

“I really enjoyed this class, it was not always fun material but Mr. Kambiz will always try his hardest to make it a fun and entertaining class were we will be able to learn important information about our world. This class was very helpful because it made everybody think about subject that we see everyday but never think what we will do without them. A really enjoyable and recommended class.”

“Professor Vafai is a very smart man, I am personally glad he designed this course, because it gives the average person information concerning alternative energy and the energy we use today. I am very glad I took this class because I learned more in his class and through discussion than any lab would have taught me, I wish more professors offered classes like Professor Vafai has offered, it truly was a fantastic learning experience.”

“Enjoyed this class.”

“You are a great professor. I enjoyed your enthusiastic and comedic approach to the course. The course was informative and the amount of prior knowledge you had on each topic amazed me. I hope to have a brain like yours one day (:”

“Mr. Vafai was an amazing instructor. Even though science is not my forte, I learned new and important things through his class. He was very informative and also very approachable.”

“The instructor did a good job effectively teaching the material.”

“A really nice professor who wants you to not only get a good grade but also fully understand the material he is teaching, I really liked him ”

“I greatly enjoyed taking this class. The professor was always well prepared and was able to provide real life examples where these concerns may take place. The professor conveyed the teachings very well and made sure that students understood the topics. I hopefully will take fluid dynamics with this professor.”

“I think this professor did a good job at explaining the material however sometimes I felt that some of the tests and quiz didn’t completely reflect the material he taught.”

“He was great teacher, and showed great passion for his field of study.” “I enjoyed his lectures because they were both informative and entertaining. He always had time for questions and personally walked over to you and answered your question. I think he is a wonderful professor and showed genuine concern for his students success in the course.”

“Professor Vafai was a good instructor overall. I really appreciate him providing us with the lecture slides because it was very useful when studying for the exams. I also liked how he treated the class as a whole. He was fair and considered everyone’s opinions.”

“This class was pretty hard for me because science is not really my strongest subject. However, the professor taught me in a way that was understandable for everyone. In the end, I did learn a lot in this course and enjoyed the class.”

“Mr. V really did a great job teaching this course. He always made sure that he wasn’t going too fast for us and asked for our opinion in a lot of things. Also, he gave us weekly quizzes which I think were very effective because it would make us be in top of our reading.”

“The quizzes and homework helped a great amount with understanding the course material. The professor was enthusiastic about the course and that helped follow his lecture much easier than if he was monotone.”

“Very enthusiastic in his teaching. Created a fun environment.” “Professor Vafai was clear and understandable and understanding of students concerns. Overall he was a very good teacher.”

“Professor Vafai is Professor who is really passionate about what he does and that passion transfers over to his students and gives them an extra edge for learning the material.” Professional Topics Engineering

“Professor understands that the topic is quite different than what engineers are used to so he provides comic relief. Rather enjoyable class and great professor.”

“Very good class. Vafai was pretty funny in every lecture and it was nice seeing a slide of humor to him, opposite of what had been seen in Heat Transfer. Great class.”

“This course is night and day compared to the previous course, Heat Transfer, also taught by Dr. Vafai. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the course, with comics and music videos.”

“Very direct professor and to the point which makes learning easy. Have learned a lot from this professor.”

“Professor made it a fun class with pictures and videos. He kept us awake considering it was a 6-8 class.”

“class was cool and entertaining, learned about business and stuff”

“This course was fun to attend because the material was informative and helpful for application in real world situation. The examples and videos were funny which kept me interactive for the rest of the material covered. This course was a nice change from other engineering courses.”

“Thank you very much!”

“Professor Vafai was a great professor.”

“Professor Vafai is a great even if he only taught a two unit class.”

“showed lots of enthusiasm for teaching the course.”

“Keeps class interested in material, even though I had no interest in this class.”

“Vafai is a good guy and a good professor. I have no problem with the instruction in this class. I feel the problem lies in the content.”