ABET: Computer Engineering


2012 Accreditation Cycle

Self-study as submitted June 2012 (Word) (PDF)

Self-study consultant's markup, April 10

Example site visit report, April 10


Executive Committee action on course/curriculum changes

Minutes of all Executive Committee meetings are on the BCOE intranet site. Excerpts pertaining to Computer Engineering curriculum are copied here.



October 17, 2007, CS30, CS10, EE140

November 28, 2007, CS30

January 9, 2008, CS30, CE curriculum

March 5, 2008, CS179N

April 9, 2008, Computer Engineering major, minor


2006 accreditation cycle: self-study and related documents 

2006 Computer Engineering self-study (Volume 1 only. For Volume 2, institutional information, click here)

2006 Computer Engineering faculty bios: EE and CSE faculty

2006 Computer Engineering syllabi: EE and CSE courses

2007 due process response

2007 ABET final statement (all engineering programs, but not Computer Science)

2008 response to weaknesses, June 20, 2008

2009 ABET report: weaknesses resolved (Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering), January 6, 2009

2009 final approval of accreditation to September 2013