Access BCOE COVID-19 information and guidance.   Submit a return-to-work proposal.   Request a one-time visit to BCOE.  Take the daily wellness check survey.

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To learn the latest on campus reopening efforts, visit the Campus Return website.

QUESTIONS? Review the BCOE FAQ prior to contacting team members for assistance:


Daily Wellness Check 


I'm searching for guidance on:

Instruction Continuity
Academic Personnel
  • For questions about purchasing, please contact your department/program purchasing assistant. They have the most current information on policies and procedures to ensure reimbursements are approved.
  • VPAP Memo: Stop the Clock, and other items (3/20/2020) 
Research Continuity
  • View the latest on research ramp-up guidelines here
Following are requirements for all persons visiting campus: 

1. Complete the COVID-19 Prevention Training

  • To complete the course, please proceed as follows:
    • Log into R'Space (
    • Under Authorized Applications use the link to the UC Learning Center (LMS). This will take you to, where you may also login directly.
    • Click Login Now!
    • On the homepage, click on the Required Training button
    • Click the Start button to the left of the activity name
    • For tips on eCourses, browser compatibility, and user guides, visit the UCR UC Learning Center support site. If you need assistance accessing the UC Learning Center, please email If you have questions about this, please email

2. Obtain permission (see below) either as a research group member for an approved research ramp-up proposal, or for a one-time visit.

3. Check in and check out when entering and leaving campus rooms either by scanning the QR codes on the door, or by explicitly selecting room numbers at

To submit a ramp-up proposal to resume on-campus research (research PIs only)

To request a one-time permission to come to campus
  1. Complete the COVID-19 Prevention Training
  2. Fill out and submit the form at
  3. Log all entries and exit via QR scanning or at

For instructions click here


  • Continually check the FAQ document for the latest updates on research activities.
  • If you need PPE or face coverings, refer to the June 9 email from EH&S.
  • Research ramp-up efforts will begin June 8 with researchers meeting special requirements as outlined by the Office of Research and Economic Development.
  • Alert your Department LSO activities, equipment or materials requiring monitoring and the necessary frequency.

    • During research ramp-up, safety protocols in a lab will remain in place. (SOP for Working Alone in the Lab)

    • Follow building security requirements in the BCOE Space Use Policy.

    • Check campus COVID-19 information pages frequently. 

    • Create a contact sheet for your lab including contact information for the faculty member and a secondary contact. Share this information with your Chair and your LSO.
    • Guidance for asymptomatic on-site personnel who do not have healthcare duties (Posted April 6).

Remote Access

Administrative Documents - Leave Access, Charging C&G, New Hire Guidance, etc.

Information Technology
Library Services

See the Library information page for available services



If you are on campus and identify an emergency issue, please do the following: call 951-827-4677 AND also email 

As of April 3, EH&S has indicated the following services are continuing but are subject to change at any time:

  • Hazardous waste pick up
  • Processing of radiation orders
  • Processing controlled substances order
  • IBC, IACUC, and RSC reviews

Laboratory evaluations of any kind will not be scheduled or conducted during this time.

April 15: Facilities services that are continuing. 

COVID-19 Info and Stats 
QUESTIONS? Review the BCOE FAQ prior to contacting team members for assistance:


  • Website Suggestions: Jay Farrell,
  • Instruction: Marko Princevac,
  • Research: Chinya Ravishankar,
  • Business Operations: Alissa Rackstraw,
  • Information Technology: John Cleary,, or Victor Hill,
  • Safety and Facilities: Perry Cheung for safety at or Todd Ambriz for facilities at