Scholarships & Fellowships

Approximately 75 percent of UCR undergraduates need financial aid to complete their education. Nearly 65 percent of UCR students receive need-based aid and more than 3,000 UCR students have an annual family income of less than $25,000.

Scholarships often make the difference between a student choosing to pursue a college education or simply giving up. You can create a scholarship or fellowships by:

  • Making a gift of cash or securities
  • Making a pledge – payable over five years or less
  • Establishing a named endowment. An endowment is a gift that keeps on giving – we never spend the initial gift, but only use the earnings. Over time, the gift grows and provides ever-increasing support.

For more information, please contact Jed Schwendiman by email or phone at (951) 827-4897.


Undergraduate Students

Current Scholarship Support – Gifts of any amount

Your gift of any amount will help offset the cost of higher education for deserving students. You can support existing scholarship funds such as the Alumni Scholarship, the Tom Payne Scholarship, the Faculty Scholarship Fund, or the General Scholarship Fund

Named Chancellor’s Merit Scholarships - $10,000

Your gift will support a scholarship for an incoming freshman with a distinguished high school academic record. These scholarships recognize academic potential and offset the cost of a UCR education.

Named Endowed Student Award or Prize - $25,000 to $50,000+

Your endowment will be used to recognize outstanding performance in areas such as scholarship or research.

Named Endowed Scholarship - $75,000 - $100,000+

Your endowed scholarship is a lasting legacy that will give opportunity to generations of deserving students.

Graduate Scholarships

Graduate Students

Current Scholarship Support – Gifts of any amount

Named Endowed Graduate Fellowship - $200,000+

Graduate fellowship endowments help to offset graduate students’ educational expenses, enable Bourns to attract promising scholars, and enhance the college’s ability to attract and retain faculty. 

Undergraduate Scholarships