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Celebrating 30 Years


Ramp-Up Protocol

Phase 2 Checklist


Research approval is contingent on the following conditions:

1.       Labs may be used only for activities that can be carried out nowhere else.

2.       Faculty and student offices are not available for use in Phase 2 of ramp-up.

3.       Lab occupancy limits (1 person per 300 sqft) must be respected at all times. Occupancy limits and QR codes for logging entries and exits must be posted on lab doors.

4.       All lab members must have had training in safety, hygiene, and social distancing protocols. Written documentation, with signatures, must be obtained of such training.

5.       All graduate students must complete the “Informed Consent” form.
     ·         Undergraduates are not allowed in research labs, by default.

6.       Labs must have protective safety supplies: face coverings, soap, hand sanitizers, cleaning materials, first aid kits. Their locations must be made known to lab members.

7.       Labs must have procedures to clean/wipe down shared items, equipment, and work surfaces within the research area prior to use by others.

8.       Face masks are to be used in labs at all times, unless that is prohibited due to the presence of certain chemicals in the environment, or medical conditions.

9.       All lab access must be preceded by reservations made via the room reservations system. Schedules must be respected. All entries and exits must be logged via QR code scanning.

10.   You must maintain contact information for all on-campus research team members.

11.   You must train and communicate with employees and employee representatives on detailed implementation of the plan.

12.   You must regularly monitor the workplace for compliance with the plan and document and correct deficiencies.

13.   You must investigate any COVID-19 illness to identify environmental factors that may have contributed to exposure and update the plan as needed to prevent further infections.

14.   You must report information about infected employees to, and other data requested from, campus health authorities.

·         The UCR Emergency number is (951) 827-5222.
·         The 24-hour UCR COVID Hotline for faculty and staff is (844) 827-6827. The number for Student Health Services is (951) 827-3031.