Dear BCOE Colleagues:

Phase 1 of the Bourns Hall B-wing renovation project will kick off in earnest this Monday.  You will very likely notice increased traffic worker through all of Bourns Hall, but most especially in and near the room numbers noted below. 

We are working diligently in-house and with the Architects and Contractors to minimize the impact on your research and day-to-day operations.  Also, Angela and I are working on a website on which we will post updates to keep everyone up to date.  Below is the email sent yesterday to researcher and staff directly affected by Phase 1 activities. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.  



Dear Impacted Faculty, Staff, and Researchers:

After months of waiting, activity related to the Bourns B-wing renovation is here.  Morillo Construction signed an agreement early this week to perform the work and is now anxious to begin work in order to complete the project on time. 

Yesterday, Morillo provided a schedule which indicates areas in which early work will begin.  Space impacted in Phase 1, and in some cases as early as next week include:

  • B-164 – crating to shelter instruments in place and moving/shifting of some items in the room is scheduled for Monday morning; moving will be accomplished by Burgess Moving & Storage.  The contractor will begin demolition after Burgess has finished work.  Duct and piping will be installed immediately after demolition.  Overhead duct and piping work in this room is scheduled for completion on September 16.
  • B-313, B-313AB, and B-315 – duct sizing will be modified throughout the building and these spaces may be impacted when ducts are opened to increase the duct size passing through the third floor to the roof.  It is uncertain whether access to the ducts will be through the hallway walls or adjacent offices.  Work scheduled for completion by August 16.  I will work with Nosang and Sharon to identify space if students need to temporarily be relocated.
  • B-207, B-213ABC, B-213AA – these rooms are already cleared and ready for demolition. Doors for these three rooms have a long order lead time.  While most of the work in these spaces will be completed on August 17, temporary doors will be used for these spaces until final door installation in late February 2017.

All hallways will see increased activity.  We are working to create an update process that will enable everyone to see schedules, updates, and progress as we receive them.  In the meanwhile, we will keep you apprised of any updates or changes in the schedule via email.

Please let me know if you have questions.  



Safety and Facilities Coordinator

Bourns College of Engineering

Tel: 951-827-1241