Dear BCOE Colleagues:

I have received CRITICAL CLARIFICATION from the Contractor:

Power outages occurring between FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23 THROUGH JANUARY 2, 2017 will NOT IMPACT BUILDING POWER OUTLETS.  Only power to air handlers, returns, exhaust and air compressors will be affected.  This means, if your equipment or instrument is plugged into a power outlet in Bourns Hall B – it should not lose power during the work. 

IF you want to err on the side of caution for an especially critical item and have a “red” (or orange) power outlet available, you may want to use this outlet as these are connected to the building emergency generator.

Please keep in mind that some PLUMBING SYSTEMS WILL BE IMPACTED during this same time period including lab vacuum and chilled water.

Questions welcome.

Safety & Facilities Coordinator
Bourns College of Engineering| 951.827.1241 
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